Wedding Ring Trends

Wedding Ring Trends of 2020


The Traditions

There are many things to consider when shopping around for a ring. The typical 4 c’s for example is a good starting point when considering the purchase of a Diamond. Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat are the Go-To guidelines that all jewelers use when appraising stones.  While the old adage of Diamonds are forever still held true, what type of ring fits yours forever? Is it your family ring that has been passed down from generations or are you out shopping around for the perfect new ring that matches your bride-to-be’s style.

Wedding Ring Trends of 2020

When shopping for engagement rings it can be overwhelming. Today more than ever the market has so many options to choose from. The best tips for finding the perfect ring really starts with you. The ring signifies not only your personality but represents the commitment you share with your loved one and should really capture the spirit of your relationship. Are you and your soon to be fiancée adventurous mold breakers, Trendsetters, or do you and your significant other relate more to a classical traditional lifestyle? The choice of ring really breaks down to what feels right in your heart, looks great on your finger, and more importantly represents your life and love that you share.

Overall the biggest piece of advice to give is just talk to your soon to be fiance’ and listen. Pay attention to what your bride to be is looking for. It may seem hard if you’re wanting a surprise proposal but think about the fact that your soon to be bride has more than likely already been planning the wedding for a very long time. Everyone has their perfect wedding in mind and the bread crumbs are there to be picked up if you are willing to listen and be patient.

Once you’ve studied up on wedding ring trends and got the ring, now it’s all about getting the best photo in it! Check out these engagement photo ideas and examples of fiancés flashing that bling!

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