Couple Wedding Shot Wedding Planning Stress: Ways to Stay Calm

Wedding Planning Stress: Ways to Stay Calm


Everyone knows that with wedding planning, can also come some stress throughout the process. And with a day with such importance such as your wedding day, there is increased pressure that is felt. No fear, we are here to help with a few simple tricks and tips to stay calm while planning your big day! We will go over some organizational tips, good habits as a couple, and industry tips to help with wedding planning stress.

Wedding Planning Stress: Ways to Stay Calm

Stay Organized

This one is a given, but there are few key points to touch on under this category that will help. Overall, make sure you are organizing in a way that is easiest for you to remember and keeps you feeling calm. Some ideas are; marking folders with “wedding”, get a wedding planner, or creating calendar reminders! Doing a few of these things will help ease the stress and help during the wedding planning process.

1) Set Deadlines/Timeline

Make sure when you are creating your to-do list, the tasks have a due date if you will. Make sure that they are ahead of schedule so that you don’t have to stress if things get booked up. Create a timeline of all your tasks in order of when they need to be accomplished. This will help you stay on top of it, and organize the time in which you need to complete it. Stick to the deadlines too, because you don’t want to get behind.

2) Make a budget

Making a budget is important for every couple to set up and stick to. This will help you when you are talking to vendors so you know what you can spend on each service. It can be a way to make sure you are allocating what you want to spend in the right places, as well as keep you on track.

Delegate and Accept Help

Wedding planning is not a one-person job, it takes a village! Make sure you rely on the support system around you to help out with tasks. Family and friends can help with things such as getting quotes and information on vendors you are interested in, going with you for food tastings, etc. Enlist a sister, maid of honor,  or even your mom and dad to help you get the nitty-gritty done, so you can focus on the big picture.

Hire A Wedding Coordinator

Hiring a wedding coordinator can be a sure way to a less stressful wedding planning experience. Someone to check things off your to-do list, contact vendors and ask the questions you didn’t think of can be a lifesaver. Preplanning can be done by a coordinator, helping eliminating stress while planning, as well as the day of. Having a day-of coordinator will help you stay on schedule, greet vendors, and any other set up things so that you can enjoy your big day! It’s their profession, so take advantage of their experience for a calm and smooth wedding experience. Having someone take tasks off your plate, will help reduce stress.

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Self Care

This might not be something you think of keeping in mind during wedding planning. But it is important to take care of you two first and fore most! Take a deep breath, do a face mask, or even meditate for a few minutes! Making sure that you are taken care of is important to keep the wedding planning going without breaking you. Even a few times a week, taking time to slow down and breathe will help you achieve your goals refreshed! Go on a date with your fiancé to connect, have some alone time, and celebrate each other. Self-care is important all of the time, but during an important or stressful time, even more so!

Establish “Wedding Talk” Times

Planning a wedding can feel like a job, and it’s necessary to take a break every once in and awhile. If times are set in place for wedding planning, it gives you time to focus on other things in life too. Think of a time of day, or days of the week that works best for the both of you to talk wedding planning. Making a time can also help you be on track with your timeline and any deadlines you need to hit! If this isn’t for you, make sure at least take a day of the week to do a date night, or have no wedding talk for an hour. After all, you have a life and a relationship to give time to as well!

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