Vicky + Truong's Wedding photo

Vicky + Truong’s Par-A-Dice Casino Wedding


When planning a wedding, you usually don’t have to think about two outfits for your big day. Vicky and Truong on the other hand did! Vicky and Truong met at pharmacy school (Midwestern University in Chicago), and we were lucky to be a part of their big day for their Par-A-Dice Casino wedding in East Peoria, Illinois. Please admire the gorgeous photos of the couple, in traditional Vietnamese outfits! And all the beautiful bride and groom photos that we love to see.

Vicky + Truong’s Par-A-Dice Casino Wedding

It’s all in the Details

The flat lay shots that the photographer got are amazing, the detail is stunning. Having some color and texture in the background helps bring out the sparkles in the jewels and the bridal white. Below you can see the couple in their beautiful yellow Vietnamese outfits, as well as the white bridal gown and grooms suit. Not many brides are lucky enough to get a shot in multiple outfits that carry so much meaning in the two cultures. And we couldn’t leave out these perfect bridal party shots, how cute is the groom with those bridesmaids!

The Handsome Couple

We love the unique tradition that the family takes part in for their ceremony. The traditional outfits are called áo dài. Part of the Vietnamese wedding tradition – the husband’s side would come over to the wife’s side of the family bearing gifts (wine, tea, cakes, fruits, etc). The groomsmen passing over the gifts to the bridesmaids. Once inside the wife’s family house, a tea ceremony is held. The bridesmaid would place the gifts in front of the ancestral altar. The process is to pay respect to our ancestors and allowing them to bless the marriage.

Then the couple will serve tea to the elders (parents, aunts/uncles, older siblings) for their blessing over marriage. Personal gifts (jewelry, family heirlooms, or just red envelopes containing money) may be given at this point to both the bride and groom. Thereafter, everyone goes to the groom’s side does the same thing, but no gifts. Just paying respect to the groom’s ancestors and serving tea. How amazing that we got to take part in such a beautiful union of this marriage!

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