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Great Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids & Groomsmen


Asking someone to stand by your side at your wedding is a big deal! Those closest to you are now part of that, and you couldn’t be happier to have them stand with you. One way to show you are appreciative is to give them a gift. There are different times to gift to them, whether that is asking them to be in the wedding or a gift on the wedding day. There are lots of options to choose from and ways you can make it the best gift possible for your crew. Girls and guys alike, we will give you some tips on some of the best gift ideas to give your besties that will be standing beside you on the big day!

Bridesmaids Gifts

Here are just a few gift ideas for the fine people standing up for you on your big day! We included some popular ones you might have seen, it’s because they work! As well as some outside of the box ways for you to think of useful gifts. Here is a great mix of useful and meaningful gift ideas for your besties!

  • Jewelry for the Day Of: This helps take some of the financial stress of your friends, as well as a gift they can use afterward as well!
  • Personalized Drink Container: No matter what style, this is a great option! On the day of everyone knows what cup is there’s, and they can use it for years to come!
  • Getting Ready Outfit: This makes for your getting ready pictures to turn out well and they can use a cute PJ set or robe after the big day!
  • Personalized Clutch: This can be used for makeup or things on the day of. But they can use it on any future trips or events!
  • Cute Sandals: This is something that if the right product is there jump on it! There are cute flats you can get that are still classy to change into for reception and they will use after the wedding day!
  • Customized Bottle: You can inexpensive labels made with “bridesmaid” or something cute about the wedding day. Then put that on a bottle of wine or your favorite spirit!

Groomsmen Gifts

We can’t forget the guys’ side! There are tons of great gift ideas out there for the guys that are practical and useful in everyday life! As well as a few things that might come in handy on the day of.

  • Customized Bottle: You can do this for the guys as well, but obviously switch it up and do a nice Whiskey or fun label on a 6 pack of beer!
  • Drinking Accessories: This is a popular one for a reason! You could do a customized beer opener, names on beer insulators, or even a custom flask! Something they might use on the day of, but will use for years to come as well.
  • Customized Cuff Links: These are something they can incorporate into their outfit for the day, as well as use for nice future events.
  • Grooming Kit: This is a way you can elevate your groomsmen game. The grooming kit can have nice shaving cream or nice razors! Maybe they need a quick fix-up on the day of, but they have a good parting gift as well.
  • Catch-all Dish: This is something most guys might not already have, but to have in the hallway by the door, or on your nightstand for all misc items! Customize or just leave blank.

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