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‘First Look’ Wedding Ideas


Gaining more and more popularity, the “first look” between the bride and groom before saying ‘I do’ is taking off! Couples are moving toward doing a first look before seeing each other at the end of the altar. This is a time that is set aside for the Bride and Groom to see each other for the first time in their wedding dress/suit, in a private moment instead of the traditional way, in front of all their friends and family.  There are lots of pictures taken during the reveal as well as plenty after too! There are a few reasons why it is a great idea, and below we will go over those as well as examples to show.

‘First Look’ Wedding Ideas

Why Before the Aisle?

We have so many good reasons why to do “First Look” before the wedding. This event can be a special yet efficient thing, let us explain. When doing the first look before the ceremony, it gives time for you as a couple to take pictures before the vows. After getting ready everything is fresh and picture-perfect so why not get as many pictures as possible then! It not only gets the bride and groom photos before but also the wedding party, family pictures, etc! This way you still have an intimate time with your partner, but also make the day run super smooth.

If you did it after the ceremony, it might be rushed to get to the reception or time that your guests might be waiting. This way you can slow down, get photos taken with all your loved ones. This gives you time after the ceremony to get any other must-have photos taken as well! You are able to take the shots as a couple with others because you’ve already shared a special moment with each other.

“First Touch”

Another option for photos together beforehand is the “first touch”. This is a way to get photos together before the ceremony. All the freshness of makeup, tux ironed, and hair in place but without having to actually see each other! As you can see in the photos below, it’s a way to spend a moment together, snap a few shots but still keeping the reveal for the aisle. There is a moment where you can hold hands around a building, or read a letter and share a few words together. You are able to share some words or hold hands with your significant other and still have the reveal down the aisle.

This is a good in-between for someone who really wants to wait till the ceremony for the big reveal! It could help touch their hand to get any last-minute butterflies away.

Other Fun First Look Ideas

Of course, a lot of Brides could do a first look with other family members as well! First look with your dad, brother, or even mom! This is just as popular as the first look with your fiancé and is another unique way to have a rather private reveal. A sweet moment you can capture on camera or video to last a lifetime.

A comedic twist on a first look is a prank first look! Dress up a friend, groomsman, etc to surprise the groom when he turns around expecting to see his bride. The photos below are priceless, and are a great way to add some humor to the day!

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