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Candid vs. Posed Wedding Photos


We know you have been dreaming of your wedding photos forever! But to get in all the photos you are envisioning, it takes some planning and thought. Yet again we are here to help you navigate through Candid vs Posed Wedding Photos, do not fear! Let us help you think through the benefits of laughing candid photos, and family posed photos alike. Let’s talk about what is great about both types of photos!

Candid vs Posed Wedding Photos

Posed Wedding Photos

We all know the drill with posed photos, we’ve been doing it forever! Anytime there is a large event, a celebration, or a beautiful backdrop, we might have snapped a posed photo or two. Let’s go over why having posed photos, as simple as they sound, is a must!

  1. Having posed photos can ensure that you get a great shot of the outfits. Taking the time to lay out the wedding dress, or the grooms adjusting their collar, etc. These photos are important so when you look back it brings back all the memories in a clear sharp shot.
  2. Posed photos are great for family and bridal party photos. You want to make sure you have a few with the main party, as well as close family on each side. It is good to have a mixture of candid and posed photos when it comes to these two groups.
  3. Posed photos also ensure you have tons of clear photos. Candids can be absolutely stunning but sometimes lack clarity because of movement. So having the posed photos can ensure that you have lots of clear photos.
  4. The most important part of posed photos is they look perfect! The photographer does an amazing job of posing you so that your face, hair, and outfits all look beautiful. As well as a bouquet placement, a hand, or a dip all done perfectly to create a great shot!

Candid Photos

Candid photos are action shots, photos taken in moments of emotion. You can have these capture an intimate moment, or a burst of joy. These come naturally to us, can be captured from afar on the dance floor. Or given a prompt that allows us to have a big laugh! Either way, these can be special and make for a very unique wedding photo album.

  1. Candid photos capture the emotion and are so special and unique. You can snap a photo of the groom seeing the bride in her dress, priceless! These are fun to have mixed throughout the wedding to capture the personalities and feelings. Any fun dancing, laughter, or joyful tears can be caught in candids.
  2. These shots are much easier to take without having to stop and set the scene. Since candids are more natural and can be shot at any time, you waste less time setting a pose. You are able to catch these as the ceremony, reception, or dancing is happening throughout the day.
  3. They are what you make of them! See what happens naturally when you have the groomsmen tackle the groom. Or having the party walk and chat with each other to create natural laughter. It is what you make of the situation and prompt the photographer gives.

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