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Dance Floor DJ How to Keep Your Wedding Guests on the Dance Floor

How to Keep Your Wedding Guests on the Dance Floor


In Louisiana, dancing is our love language. Let’s be honest, at your dress fitting, you and your bridesmaids likely did a little dance to make sure you all could bust a move in your gowns. We love to boogie and tear up the dance floor. However, keeping wedding guests on the dance floor can sometimes be a challenge. At Complete, we have all the tips and tricks to maintaining a lively and memorable wedding reception. Read along to get the 4-1-1!

How to Keep Your Wedding Guests on the Dance Floor

Seat Intelligently

If you know which of your guests are jitterbugs, it is smartest to seat them closest to the dance floor. They will likely lead by example and even when they need a quick break, the music and lights will be in their faces. Which will, ultimately, be tempting and urge them to get back up and boot, scoot, boogie some more.

Try Not to Procrastinate

You should never wait too long after dinner is served and eaten to get first dances started. Plenty of couples tend to forget the ideal flow of the night from dinner to dancing. If there is a lull between events, it makes it more difficult to get your guests hyped up for the dancing portion of the evening.

Pro tip: if you have to remove tables to create your dance floor, try to have the guests seated at these tables served dinner first. This action makes for a quicker table breakdown since they will likely finish eating first.

Make a Good Playlist

We recommend having a good mix of old and new songs in your reception playlist. You want songs that will appeal to both generations. If you play mostly new age music, this could act as a cue for the older generation to leave early. Try to leave the more explicit music for the end of the evening and play crowd favorites for most of the night.

Limit Song Requests

While your Aunt Karen may really want to hear that one specific song that’s reminiscent of her old days, that one specific song could potentially be a massive buzzkill. Try your best to be cognizant of what kind of music your guests will enjoy as a whole. Most importantly, be sure to give your DJ a list of songs that must be played and songs that must NOT be played. In addition, be aware that if you’re a big fan of country music or a specific genre and your guests are not, adding a “must play” list of 50 country songs is not going to promote dance floor success.

Keep the Lights Down Low

Once the first dances are over and done with, it’s wise to dim the lights as much as possible. This will make your bashful guests feel comfortable that everyone is not staring or judging them. Side note, if you wait until after the first dances to darken the room, it gives your photographer the opportunity to snag some good photos of you and your new hubby.

Hire a Reliable DJ in Baton Rouge

Finally, and most importantly, hiring an excellent Baton Rouge DJ is pivotal in keeping your guests on the dance floor. A great DJ can read the room and adjust accordingly. For example, if a song that was requested ends up being a dud, a good DJ will swiftly fade out to the next song. An experienced DJ understands what songs are overplayed and what songs are overplayed but welcomed.

Keeping your guests on the dance floor and, ultimately, the party going isn’t brain surgery, it’s logistics. When planning for your big day, keep us at Complete in mind for your DJ search. We have an extraordinary line up of professional DJs that are dedicated to keeping your dance floor fun and exciting all evening!

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