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How to Pick a Wedding Venue in Baton Rouge — A Checklist of Things to Consider


Picking a wedding venue in Baton Rouge is a huge deal. It sets the tone for the day, it is expensive, and can feel like a daunting process. We, here at Complete Weddings + Events in Baton Rouge, are here to help make this monumental decision easier. Ahead, are all your important wedding venue questions answered to help you select a wedding venue in Baton Rouge.


How to Pick a Wedding Venue in Baton Rouge — A Checklist of Things to Consider


Picking your venue will be one of the first decisions you make when planning your wedding. It is always best to get a jump start on your search for one, especially if you have a particular place in mind. Good venues get booked a year to a year and six months in advance. Therefore, the sooner you start your search, the more likely you will have the chance to book your first choice.

Wedding Date

Continuing the discussion on timelines, what ultimately comes first? Do you pick a wedding date or wedding venue first? This decision depends on what is more important to you: snagging your perfect venue or getting married during a specific time of year. We suggest you go into your search process with two different date ranges in mind. Have one range that is ideal to you such as a favorite season and one that isn’t as ideal, such as during holiday season or conflicting events.

Venue or Venue(s)

There are some couples that will tour two different venues: one for their reception and one for their ceremony. Lots of couples just stick to one venue, which is easier on your guests and budget, but some will book more than one. This is especially popular in those that have their ceremony at a place of worship. If you are thinking you will need to book more than one venue, it is important to take in consideration the time it takes to get from one venue to the next. This is so that you can plan accurately and set a schedule that is easy for your vendors to follow. 

Location, Location, Location

When choosing the location of your big day, you will want to be cognizant of how accessible your venue will be. Is it easy to get to or is it out of the way? Are directions to the venue easy to follow for your out of town guests? These are important points to consider if you have more than one venue. You want to make the transition from one venue to the next as smooth as possible. You don’t want to be worried that your guests are lost when you should be celebrating!

Pick Your Style

You will, obviously, want to pick a venue that matches your style and vision of the day. It is a personal preference you will want to coincide with who you are as a couple. The typical couple often gravitates towards an indoor venue, especially living down here in Baton Rouge. These venues include hotels, ballrooms, or country clubs. However, if you opt for a more rustic or outdoor style, we recommend choosing venues that have lots of greenery and gardens with panoramic views. These venues include in-bloom gardens, wineries, or country clubs.

Event Size

Limits on capacity can be a real deal-breaker. You can not squeeze 250 plus guests into a venue that can only accommodate 150 guests. The alternative is equally as bad. Some couples will spend big dollars on an oversized space that will ultimately make the event feel less full and intimate. If you are booking two different venues, be sure to check that both places can accommodate your guest count. 

Deciding on a Budget

We recommend designating a portion of your budget to your venue. The standard couple assigns about 10-15% of their budget towards their venue selection. However, this number could increase depending on whether your venue includes more than just location.

Venue Packages

And onto venue packages! Some places do not offer services such as catering, staff, or bar. The result of this is typically a decrease in price compared to those that do, which is favorable for those who are trying to be money conscious. If you decide on a full-service package, you can expect your budget percentage to increase to about 40-50%. Be sure to research a venue’s food and drink minimums, site costs, and other components you could be billed for that may not be mentioned initially. 

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Transportation is a detail all geared towards making the guests experience a positive one. Such details include making sure there is enough parking space for everyone while ensuring your guests don’t have to walk ten miles to get to the ceremony and/or reception site, or that nearby hotels are within a reasonable distance. It is crucial to guarantee your friends and family will travel from point A to point B effortlessly. 

Plan B

Having a backup plan is imperative to your planning process. You should check with your venue to confirm if they have a cancellation policy in case of an emergency. Examples include weather, family emergencies, or global pandemics. On a lesser scale, check out if your venue has a clear and concise rain plan too.

All in all, deciding on your perfect venue comes down to you and your fiance’s intuition and gut. If the details on a site make you uneasy, it is not for you. You should feel confident and whimsical when locking down a venue. Happy venue hunting!


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