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Creative and Fun Wedding Introduction Ideas

Creative and Fun Wedding Introduction Ideas 6.4.24

Planning a wedding in Baton Rouge is a magical journey, and one of the highlights is undoubtedly the introductions and your grand entrance into the reception. It sets the tone for the entire celebration and excites your guests for what’s to come. As experts in wedding entertainment, we have gathered some creative and fun wedding […]

Tips for Planning a Perfect Wedding Surprise Dance

Best Dance Music for Your Baton Rouge Wedding or Event 5.17.24

Nothing surpasses the power of dance music when it comes to setting the vibe for your Baton Rouge wedding or event. Whether you’re exchanging vows or marking a significant occasion, the ideal melodies can lift spirits and inspire everyone to groove. However, faced with an array of choices, how do you select the ultimate playlist? […]

How Professional Wedding DJs in Baton Rouge Manage Song Requests

How Professional Wedding DJs in Baton Rouge Manage Song Requests 11.27.23

Song requests can significantly enhance the atmosphere at a wedding, but there’s an art to making these requests without disrupting the flow of the event. Understanding the dynamics of requesting a song from wedding DJs in Baton Rouge and adhering to certain etiquette guidelines can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The Top “Do Not Play” Wedding Songs

The Top “Do Not Play” Wedding Songs 1.10.23

If you’re choosing a list of songs for your big day, it means that you’ve more than likely handled all the big planning parts and you’ve come to the fun details. While this is your day, and you may have a lot of favorite songs, you need to be careful with your choice because some […]

DJ for my Wedding

Should I Get a DJ for My Wedding in Baton Rouge, LA? 12.7.22

Visual details take up so much planning effort that many couples forget about the importance of sound and entertainment on their big day. If you’re thinking, ‘Do I really need a DJ for my wedding in Baton Rouge, LA?’, then we have an honest answer for you!

25 Father and Daughter Dance Songs in Baton Rouge 6.1.22

There are millions of love songs in this world, but there are few that truly describe the incredibly fine tuned and very specific love between a daughter and her father. The father and daughter dance follows the couple’s first dance and it’s intended to be a touching moment between the bride and her first love […]

Walk Into Your Reception

How to Walk Into Your Reception Like a Boss! 5.16.22

YES! You made it through the wedding ceremony! Now, it’s time for your first announcement as a married couple. Walking into your reception is ​kind of ​a big deal, and you don’t want to wait until the day of to figure out how you’re going to make your grand entrance! In Baton Rouge, we know how […]

80s Songs

Most Requested ’80s Songs For Your Wedding Playlist 12.17.21

Make no mistake, the ’80s were full of many different genres of music. From the hip-hop music of Run-D.M.C to the pop music of Michael Jackson to the hair bands with Bon Jovi. The 80s were fun, happy, and exciting. This is precisely how you want your wedding reception to feel, so adding some of […]

Easy Entertainment options for Baton Rouge Wedding

Easy Entertainment Ideas For a Custom Event Experience 4.26.21

When it’s your time to bring everyone together, it’s hard not to want something outstanding at your event that everyone remembers! There’s something special about looking around the room and seeing your guests having an enjoyable time at your own wedding or event.

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