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What is the Best Day of the Week to Have a Wedding?


Let’s start by thinking about the season you want to have your special day in. Do you have a specific date, day of the week, season, or holiday that is unique to you? For example, fall is the most common season to have a wedding because of the not too warm, but not too cold weather and the changing colors of the leaves. But, on the other hand, June and September are better weather months for sunny, outside festivities. Therefore, if you have a specific date, season, or holiday unique to you, make it even more special by making it your wedding day.

What is the best month to have a wedding?

Wedding on a budget during the week!

Most weddings happen on weekends, Saturdays mostly. Saturdays are in the middle of the weekend, so on Friday, it can be a travel day for any out-of-town guests, and Sundays can be a recovery day from the party that celebrated two families joining together. If you are having a wedding on a budget, maybe weekdays are more for you. Monday thru Thursday are known to be the cheapest days of the week. When picking the day of your wedding, it’s based on the days available at your choice of venue.

The early parts of the year, such as January, February, and March, are usually the most affordable. If you are the type to cuddle up next to a fire, these are the months for you since these months are known to be coldest and perfect for photos with the two of you to cuddle up next to a fireplace. But if you choose to have a more warm wedding then May, June and July might be better for you.

The next step is to look at the venues. Again, the earlier you book your venue, the more likely you will have a chance to get the date of your choice. Spring and Summer months may not be most popular, however, they are the quickest to go after the autumn months. This is because these months are the ones with the most decent weather.


Are Mondays known to be suitable for getting married?

Monday can be a fantastic day to get married, especially around the holidays. Such as, it’s easier to remember your anniversary, most venues are already decorated for the holidays, and family is already around. On the other side, holidays are more expensive. Not to mention, major holidays can be already stressful enough. It can also make your wedding day feel less memorable compared to the major holidays. Even though most national holidays do fall on Mondays. It can cause some planning conflicts since most places are closed for government holidays. Mondays can be the best way to get married on a budget. Getting married during the week is a great way to stay on budget. This is because it’s more uncommon to have a weekday wedding.

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