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Valentine's Special: Kevin + Cindy

Valentine’s Special: Kevin + Cindy


Love is in the air! In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, we have a new twist on our weekly blogs.

How did you and Cindy meet?

We met at a Christian singles group that was being hosted in the area.  I had recently relocated to Kansas City upon graduating from College.  My parents were a bit concerned as I moved to a city with no family … kind of the point of moving there., and sent me a flyer (marketing piece) they received from a high school teacher about the group.  Cindy was actually listed on the flyer as the social chairperson, but we didn’t connect until several months later after she purchased a new sports car.  Loved that car, but loved Cindy even more 🙂

Valentine’s Special: Kevin + Cindy

What are your favorite qualities that Cindy has?

One of the characteristics that I fell in love with and is true to this day is Cindy’s servant heart.  I mean, its otherworldly and very attractive.

Family relationships are the most valued and important ones in Cindy’s life and her commitment to them is inspiring.

And … who doesn’t like a lady that loves an ice-cold beer!

How did you propose?

The old fashion way, on my knees in the rain in our favorite park just outside Kanas City at Shawnee Mission Park.

What is your favorite memory with Cindy?

The countless trips we have enjoyed together, starting with our honeymoon to Hawaii over 30 years ago.

What are you and Cindy up to now?

We have entered the great life stage of being blessed by 3 grandchildren (Piper, Chloe, and Keller).  We spend as much time with them as possible.  The look in their eyes when we arrive at their home … melts our heart every time.

What advice can you give our future Complete Couples?

Joy in marriage is found in serving and sacrificing for your spouse.  Every ‘honest’ married couple will attest – marriage is the most challenging and rewarding relationship you will ever experience.  Never let go of the wheel and enjoy the journey!

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