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Tulsa Wedding Trends

Tulsa Wedding Trends


We’re famous! Well at least we’re Tulsa famous and on the news this past week. With the OK Wed, A Bridal Affair last Sunday we have had our hands full in the office. Between helping new clients and keeping ourselves organized, it has been busy, to say the least. Last Thursday, Ryan the owner of Complete Weddings + Events Tulsa, OK, was featured to speak on some of the Tulsa wedding trends we see in our industry as well as the wedding show! His segment was short but here are some of the trends He spoke about!

Wedding Musical Chairs

A few weeks ago, a viral TikTok video was brought to our attention about one of our ice breakers called Survivor! The idea is very similar to musical chairs. The wedding party is tasked to find various items in the reception area. They will need to race one another to find that item and bring it back before the other wedding party members. If they are too late they won’t have a chair to sit in and they are eliminated from the game. This game is high-energy and a ton of fun to play. Our Complete DJs all know how to make this a smash hit for your wedding!

Love Stories

Wedding videos always capture the emotion and tell your story. But what if we could make it better? What if we could capture your story even in a better way that would truly make it yours! A Love Story is a new Tulsa wedding trend that is starting to emerge as more and more people video their weddings. This is very similar to an engagement session but with your videographer. Our team will show up anywhere from 2 months to the day before your wedding to interview you about your relationship together. These featured videos can go from 2 to 3 minutes of how you fell in love, straight into your wedding video. The end result is a beautiful piece together. Check out Lauren and Caleb’s Love Story!

The First Look

The last big Tulsa wedding trend and more of a huge suggestion is a “First Look” with the bride and groom. It’s important we clarify that we don’t want to stomp out tradition. Some things are important to everyone. However, we are also suckers for creating great wedding day moments and capturing those emotions. A first look is just one of those things we do to help create that intimate reaction from you and your significant other. A first look is where the couple gets a grand reveal to each other in a private setting! This allows you all to create a great moment also while knocking out a ton of wedding photos before your ceremony. Keeping the flow going allows you to go right into the party afterward! Check out some of our favorite first look moments!

There are always great Tulsa wedding trends and COMPLETE is always ahead of the curve. To see Ryan’s full interview check it out on Channel 2 in Tulsa on their YouTube page.

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Author: Ryan Dubree

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