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wedding planner in Tulsa

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner in Tulsa? 7.12.21

If you’re a go-getter, host extraordinaire, and party planning perfectionist, planning your own wedding might sound right up your alley! But before you begin tackling this event on your own, it’s smart to consider if you need to hire a wedding planner in Tulsa. Knowing everything a wedding planning professional can provide you, might make […]

Mary and Weston's OKC Wedding at Coles Garden

Mary and Weston’s OKC Wedding at Coles Garden 6.3.21

Let me tell you about a wedding for the ages! We always love starting off wedding season on a great foot and this one was definitely one to remember. Mary and Weston’s OKC wedding at Coles Garden still gives our team chills reminiscing about it. Mary and Ryan met at the OKC wedding show and […]

How to Plan a Bridal Shower

Planning a Bridal Shower 5.13.21

When it comes to planning a bridal shower, you want to make sure that you cover all your basics. Whether that be where and when you are going to have it? Who are you going to invite? And what you are going to snack on while you are there? Here are some ideas to help […]

wedding colors

New Wedding Colors to Consider 3.10.21

This year’s couples are planning amazing affairs to bring their friends and families together again at last! If you’ve had time to research wedding inspiration on Pinterest, Tik Tok, or Instagram, then now is the time to select your favorite theme, get crafty, and knock out your wedding color palette. Your wedding color palette can […]

Planning A Backyard Wedding Tulsa Wedding

Planning A Backyard Wedding 3.4.21

When you think of a backyard in Tulsa, you probably think about going there to play as a kid. But what about having a wedding there as an adult. Planning a backyard wedding may seem like a hard task to accomplish. But surprisingly enough, if you keep everything in mind and have a plan for […]

Greenleaf Barn Reception

Greenleaf Barn in Oklahoma 2.9.21

Congratulations if you’re recently engaged! It’s an exciting time of planning and exchanging ideas with your significant other. Planning my wedding myself there’s a strange balance of stress and fun that it comes with. We can also agree one of the most difficult parts is right in the beginning. Finding that perfect wedding venue really […]

Center of the Univers Tulsa

Ryan’s Tulsa Proposal Story • Complete Owner 1.11.21

I’m not one to share my story with people. I believe the hero of our story is always our clients and that I’m more of the behind the scenes person. However, after some encouragement and advice from some of my fellow peers, I think it may be important to share with you my Tulsa proposal […]

Wedding Photos

Guide to Loving Your Engagement & Wedding Photos 1.11.21

Congratulations! You’ve just said yes to a bright future together. Now, take that shiny ring and start planning the wedding of your dreams! Because this is such an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime experience, make it unforgettable with a professional photographer capturing the adventure giving you amazing engagement and wedding photos.

Unique Places To Get Married In Tulsa The Mayo Lobby Stair Case Wedding

Unique Places To Get Married In Tulsa 1.5.21

There are some amazing and unique places to get married in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Ballroom weddings still have a place in the wedding world but today we are trying to fit a different vibe. Whether it be something more rustic or elegant, there is a unique wedding venue out there in Oklahoma for you. Check out […]

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