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Best Wedding Detail Photo Ideas Wedding ring outdoor shot

Best Wedding Detail Photo Ideas


We enjoy being able to capture large moments on people’s big day. One fun thing about shooting a wedding is being able to capture all the little details of each wedding. So many people put their personality in many of the details of their wedding and it can be such a blast to bring these out and highlight them! Below are a few different wedding detail photo ideas in St. Louis from each event.

Best Wedding Detail Photo Ideas in St. Louis

The Ring Shots

Your wedding rings are going to be worn by you for the rest of your life. However, the wedding ring shot is so great because it allows you to bring something into the shot that means a lot to you or both of you. Wedding ring shots don’t have to be the rings themselves, it allows the photographer to use the rings as a focus and the rest of the details as a backdrop creating some very unique photos! Ring shots allow both the photographer and the couple to get creative.

Customized Items

If you have anything that you’ve personalized (like these wine bottles or cozies), these make for a unique detail photo! Just like the invites, so much time and effort go into these, and often times they really highlight certain things that are special to you and your spouse. So many couples get creative with these items and we love highlighting them for their galleries.

Flash the Attire

You may not always be wearing a wedding dress so the simple hanging dress shot may not be for you. However, you’re wearing SOMETHING special on your wedding day, aren’t you?! It’s well worth it to flash that special attire and show everyone what you were able to throw on during this special day.

Get Personal

It’s great to show off some personal effects in your detail photos as well. This, to us, is the best wedding detail photos you’ll get because they’ll mean more to you and your spouse! Whether it’s an item that means a lot to you both, or something that you both enjoy, these photos will be unique as they’ll highlight something that is very meaningful on the day of your wedding. If that personal item ever gets lost or you move on from it, it will be a great reminder of what was once very valuable to you both and what may have connected you on your wedding day.

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