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Remembering Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Remembering Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day


On your wedding day, there are always those special people you wish could be with you, whether it’s a cherished family member who has passed away or a dear friend you want to honor. Despite their physical absence, there are still heartfelt ways to keep their memory alive and weave it into your special day. Whether it’s a memorial table or a toast in their honor, our blog has some ideas to help in remembering loved ones on your wedding day. While they may not be physically toasting with you, their love and influence are undeniably present, adding an extra layer of significance to your celebration.

Include Their Favorite Flower in Your Bouquet

Elevate your bridal bouquet beyond mere aesthetics by incorporating the favorite flowers of your departed loved one. Each petal becomes a vibrant reminder of the love you shared, infusing your bouquet with not just beauty but also profound sentiment. As you walk down the aisle, you carry their cherished blooms, turning a simple bouquet into a powerful symbol of eternal connection.

Light a Candle

As a heartfelt gesture, many couples choose to incorporate lighting a candle into their ceremony, in honor of those who have left a mark on their lives. Picture this: a flickering flame, not just bringing warmth to the moment but also shining a light on the memories of those who are dearly missed. Taking a moment to light a candle is a sweet and simple way to keep those special souls in the celebration, even if they can’t physically join the party.

Save a Seat

On your wedding day, there’s a desire to share the joy with everyone you hold dear, even those who are no longer with us. A touching way couples pay tribute to their dearly departed is by reserving a seat in their memory at the wedding ceremony and reception. Whether it’s a small sign, a framed photo, or a symbolic item, that reserved seat becomes a special reminder that though physically absent, the spirits of loved ones are present in the hearts of all celebrating. It’s a simple yet powerful gesture, ensuring that even in their absence, their essence is a part of the joyous occasion, making the celebration a heartfelt tribute to the past, present, and future.

Include Them in your Portraits

Your wedding portraits capture the essence of the day, and what better way to immortalize the love of those who can’t be there than by including them in the visual narrative? Set up a framed photograph or a small memorial table at the photoshoot location, creating a heartfelt tribute that beautifully melds past and present.

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