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Eve + Jarrod's Downtown Marriott Wedding Bride & Groom kissing Downtown wedding in STL

Eve + Jarrod’s Downtown Marriott Wedding


We are huge fans of the photos from Eve + Jarrod’s downtown Marriott wedding in November. Whether the shot is in black and white or color,  the lighting is perfect. Some of the shots are showcased in the venue itself, but the shots outside soaking in the lights of the city really make our swoon. All of the shots of the family are so heartwarming, you can tell how close they are and happy to be celebrating together! We love the shots with the city lights in the background, utilizing all of the surroundings with this venue. The detail shots show off the beautiful and tasteful accessories the couple adorns.

Eve + Jarrod’s Downtown Marriott Wedding Gallery

Below you can see all the gorgeous before shots of all the accessories and before preparation. We love the shoe shot, not only does it showcase the stunning gems on the shoes, but that background is perfect with the color of the shoes. A photo of the bride admiring her dress can be so intimate. A tender moment where the bride is looking at the dress that is so important to the day and creates a great photo. We have to get the guys getting ready too of course! Shots of the groom adjusting the tie of the young boy, as well as final touches like tying his shoes. You can’t get more in the details than a close up of lacing up the dress, with the buttons and lace showcased perfectly. All of the people that are with you on the big day is important. Catching this moment of the bride and a member of her bridal party, shown through the garment as almost as if they caught them in the act of laughter.  Having a photographer there while you are getting ready shows you all the beautiful detail shots that make up the perfect wedding album.

The Wedding Couple

This couple has the cutest story, one we might all relate to! An online dating store that went right. Both apposed but seeing as it would be necessary, they let all opposition aside for this first coffee date. One dinner turned into a bowling bet, and they were hooked! What we love about these photos of the couple are the lighting. It make’s Downtown St. Louis look like the Big Apple! All the lights are perfectly blurred in the background as pops of color, but then the focus is on the bride and groom. Even in the black and white shot you see the bulbs of light that make it charming and sweet. We love the poses the couple is put in for the shots, head on head, or the twirl. Classic shots that really are able to show the couple, and of course the stunning wedding dress. In these photos you can see the personality and the happiness in the couple. From before shots, to the reception shots, we are obsessed with the love that we see between this newly wed couple. Cheers to love!


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