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5 Wedding Poses That Work


The most memorable parts that you will carry with you will be your wedding photos, which of course you want to be perfect! Whether it is a shot of the couple in a gorgeous field with gold rays of sunshine, or in front of a historic brick building you will be the main focus. Unless you are a professional model, the best wedding poses to make you dazzle might not come naturally. Fear not, we have five examples of how to beautifully showcase the love that you already possess.

Individual Shots

First, let’s talk about individual shots. While you are getting ready that the bride and the groom have some memorable shots alone. The photographer can capture personal and charming shots as individuals as the day is starting. In these shots, you see the reflection and excitement. All of the feelings they have as they are getting ready!

A Bride having a photo with her dress can be an intimate moment. Some brides have been waiting maybe a lifetime of dreaming of their dress, so this can capture a touching moment. 

Getting ready for the groom obviously looks different. Getting shots like adjusting a tie, buttoning a suit jacket, or tying a shoe can be strong handsome shots.

5 Wedding Poses

1: First Touch

If you are opting out of doing a first look, this might be a pose for your must-do list. This is called a “first touch”. So in these wedding poses, you can share a touch, exchange gifts, or just words of love and excitement. All of this before walking down the aisle to say “I Do”. A shot like this captures an eager smile or even a happy tear. This type of first look captures the raw emotions of the couple and can be such a unique shot!

2: Hollywood Kiss

This next pose is a great pose because of the truly romantic nature. In all its Hollywood drama, this pose includes the dip and a kiss, what not to love!  The photo can have a dramatic flair and also have a closeness in the embrace.  Not only does it capture the gown, but it also adds the classic movie screen romance everyone hopes and dreams of!

3: Walk With Me

With such a simple pose you can truly capture everything. Even a beautiful background is highlighted in a photo like this, there is nothing that is not captured in the “walk with me” pose. So, all you have to do is hold hands, the dress will flow, smiles and laughs to come! Naturally, this will create great moments of looking at each other, and at the stunning surroundings. Because it can capture the whole outfit of both the Bride and Groom, it creates a first-class photo.

4: Bride Twirl

A sweet moment is made out of twirling the bride and capturing a princess-like photo. The action shot turns out a marvelous view of the bride and groom. A dress pops, a groom’s smile shines, or even a veil flowing in the wind. Give it a whirl or two and you can come out with multiple stunning shots!

5: The Kissing Veil

We have to mention a must kissing shot for any couple to give a try. How about kissing under the astonishing veil! It creates an intimate shot of the bride and groom enclosed in a lacy tent. The best part about this shot besides how breathtaking it is, is the light that still shines through on the couple creating a warm truly unbelievable shot.

Because there are so many out there, we hope these few have caught your eye. These are just a few of our absolute favorites, and with so many to choose from we hope this list of top must-have helps! With help of our photographers at Complete, you will never miss a classic pose from your wedding day.

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