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Seating Alternatives: Unique Ceremony Seating


Not keen on the traditional seating arrangements for your wedding ceremony? If this is how you feel, believe us, you’re not the only one. Many couples are looking for modern, unique ceremony seating alternatives to make their event authentic and memorable.

You do not have to go for a conventional reception seating chart because we have several options to make your iconic day stand out from the crowd. Here are some unique ceremony seating alternatives you can consider and have a celebration remembered by all of your guests!

Replace the traditional ceremony chairs with a circular setup

We’ve all seen the customary wedding seating during a ceremony with regular rows of chairs in front of the altar. Non-traditional couples are not crazy about this setup and are always looking for ways to avoid it. One way to make it fun is to round it up.

Position the chairs in a circular motion surrounding the altar, and voila – you’ve got yourself an arrangement guests do not expect to see at such an event!

Go for long rows along the aisle

Another way to spice up the wedding seating arrangement is by creating two long rows from either side of the aisle, so your guests can feel comfortable and really enjoy the whole setting of the ceremony. By setting, we mean your astonishing appearance as the bride, i.e., the star of this celebration!

Some people also refer to this seating arrangement as a runway, and since we want you to be the focal point of our attention on your special day, we wholeheartedly support it!

Colorful poufs

If you plan on throwing a boho wedding, you can completely abandon the traditional placements. Bohemian settings require various colors and seats that are not chairs but poufs!


We believe that our seating alternatives will look chic on your special day and will help you avoid the things we usually see at weddings. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and opt for something authentic and playful for your reception seating chart!

Blanket Seating

Picnic blankets are a unique and lively complement to any party! This is one of our favorite seating ideas for the summer. You can include pillows, snacks, a bottle of wine, and other goodies so that your guests can enjoy a bite to eat before the ceremony begins.

Are you concerned about those who might find the unique ceremony seating arrangement uncomfortable? Have no worries! You can even equip the back with seats or extra seat cushions for guests who might need them.

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