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When it comes to creating the perfect mood, there’s nothing quite like a professional event and wedding DJ in Salt Lake City. There are few things as crucial to a special event as music. Even when the food is delicious, the decor is gorgeous and the games are fun, the soundtrack to the event can make or break the atmosphere. An experienced Salt Lake City DJ knows exactly how to keep the rhythm going throughout the event and ensure everyone is having a great time.

With Complete Weddings + Events on your side, finding the perfect Salt Lake City DJ is easy. Leave the details and planning to us so you can enjoy your big event!

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Choosing the Best DJ in Salt Lake City

When you’re planning a big event, there is no shortage of important decisions to keep you busy. You’ll want to make selecting the right event DJ in Salt Lake City a priority if you want to ensure your party is a success. At Complete Weddings + Events, we’re always on the hunt for the perfect special event DJs in Salt Lake City – and we present only the best options to our clients!

Finding a professional DJ who can read the room, play the perfect song to get everyone hyped, and maintain the crowd’s energy is the key to staffing your event with a world-class DJ.

DJs in Salt Lake City – What Sets Us Apart?

No two events are alike, which is why we encourage clients to consider what questions are most important for them to have answered by an all-events DJ in Salt Lake City. The tunes played at a bar mitzvah, for example, will look quite different from the playlist of a black-tie wedding reception! Here are some items worth considering when hiring your ideal DJ:

Setting the Mood

Anyone can hit play on beloved party songs, but only a professional can turn a shy crowd into an energetic one. Of course, your event may not call for energy – corporate event DJs in Salt Lake City may have a very different strategy for clients than a wedding and event DJs in Salt Lake City.

Consider the tone you’d like to set at your event and ask the DJ how they would achieve the goal. 

Background and Experience

Most DJs will have a diverse portfolio of skills and experience. It’s worth asking about their background and the kinds of parties they feel most confident spinning for. Someone who mainly does birthday parties may not have the skill set necessary to get seniors dancing at a retirement party, for example. Identify common challenges associated with your kind of event and ask how the DJ would approach them. Their response can be very telling!

Song Requests – Should Your DJ Accept Them?

Guests love to request songs, but not every DJ loves to take them. If there’s a particular mood you’re hoping to create, a Salt Lake City DJ may be hesitant to accept song requests. If you feel strongly about requests, it’s worth asking potential hires about their policies.

It’s also a good idea to identify any tunes you don’t want to be played at the event. Conversely, point out specific songs you need to be played at some point during the party. By controlling for surprises, your event will go smoothly. 

Staffing Needs

Many DJs work alone, but some bring an assistant to help with the setup and breakdown of equipment. Salt Lake City DJ companies may even send an entirely different professional to work your event than who you spoke to initially. When considering your options, ask about the staffing needs to clarify exactly who will be showing up to DJ. It’s also worth asking about the safety nets in place if a DJ can’t make your event. 

Technical Logistics

DJ equipment takes up a lot less space than it used to, but it’s still informative to ask about the technical needs of each DJ.

  • Do they plan to bring lights and sound equipment that will take up certain square footage?
  • How early will they need to begin setting up?
  • How many electrical outlets are needed?
  • Will they wear a uniform, or can they dress more formally to match the mood of the party?

It’s easy to forget about these factors when you’re planning a big event, but considering them ahead of time can mitigate the surprise factor on the day of the party!

Event and Wedding DJ in Salt Lake City

Our Salt Lake City DJs have it all: experience, intuition, and the music knowledge to make them some of the best possible vendors around. With Complete Weddings + Events on your team, you’ll be free to dance the night away while we handle the details.

We only partner with the very best DJs in Salt Lake City – these professionals bring their A-game so you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your planning. Given our wide array of set-up options, playlists, and staffing support, your event will be in good hands.

Complete Weddings + Events – DJs in Salt Lake City

Unforgettable events start behind the scenes, which is why Complete Weddings + Events is committed to delivering the best Salt Lake City DJ services possible. Regardless of the party you envision, our team can find the perfect professional for the job. Our offerings don’t stop there, either! Take advantage of our planning services, photography, videography, and photo booth rentals to ensure your event is truly memorable. 

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