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Khloe + Bryan's Reunion Resort Wedding

Khloe + Bryan’s Grove Resort Wedding


Khloe + Bryan got married in early January of 2022 during a beautiful “winter” day here in Orlando. Their wedding took place at The Grove Resort where they held both their ceremony and reception. As you’ll see in this gallery below, the day was full of joy and was incredible to be a part of! Below are some of our favorite shots from this beautiful wedding day.

Khloe + Bryan’s Reunion Resort Wedding

The Wedding Gallery

This gallery is beautiful as we were lucky enough to be out on such a beautiful day with the sun shining up until he began to set which only created an even more beautiful atmosphere than the blue skies from before. You’ll see that we were able to capture many of these shots outside and we were extremely lucky with how the weather turned out for us. Beyond the weather, you can truly tell that this couple has so much joy being with each other on their wedding day! 🙂

Detail Photos

The detailed photos in this gallery do an amazing job at getting us excited for what’s the come! All we can think as we look through these is just how good Khloe and Brian look together and how we can’t wait to see them walk down the isle together. The colors pop off the screen in each photo and the pink is gorgeous paired with the white and navy colors that are displayed throughout this gallery. It’s just enough color to make a big difference for us without being overwhelming in any way.

Pre-Ceremony Photos

Before the ceremony even kicks off the wedding looks beautiful. Khloe looks so excited to be getting married in both of the first photos as she is just cheesing so wide in both shots. Then we get a shot of her with her veil making a small appearance to accent the beauty in the photo and that bright white in half of the photo brings is just the perfect touch to an amazing shot. Next, we see photos of Brian getting ready with his father helping him out. These photos are so heartwarming as we see such an amazing moment between Brian and his father before the bigger moments in the day.

Coming Together

When we get to see Khloe and Brian together finally it is well worth it. There is nothing but pure joy in their eyes as they look at each other knowing they’re taking the steps to spend the rest of their lives together within hours of finally seeing each other on this day. They simply look like they’re enjoying every moment of this beautiful day and it’s so easy to see in each photo. One of our favorite photos in this gallery is when Khloe and Brian are on the dance floor together simply having the time of their lives celebrating their big day together. We love seeing that a couple as amazing as this one simply have fun with each other on their wedding day!

The Style

When Khloe and Brian were picking their outfits there’s no way they could have known just how beautiful it would have been with the pink sunset and beautiful day that happened to fall on their wedding. They both go a pretty classic route with Khloe picking out the long and white flowing wedding dress and Brian going with a navy suit which will look amazing in their photos for years to come. However, the pink accent on their clothes that happened to match the gorgeous sunsets that showed up on their wedding day is simply perfect!

To put it simply, we had a blast with Khloe and Brian on their big day and are so glad we got to celebrate with them. You can see throughout the entire wedding just how happy they were to be getting married on a beautiful day like this! Congratulation Khloe and Brian, we wish you the absolute best of luck on your new lives together!

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