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Wedding Photography - Why Complete?

Wedding Photography – Why Complete? 2.5.18

When planning your wedding there can be so many options when finding the right photographer. You probably have an idea of how you want your wedding photos to look, you might even have pictures planned out in your head months (maybe even years) in advance! Photos are a big deal, you want to make sure […]

5 Things to Look for In a Wedding Photographer 12.7.17

Wedding photography is a huge part of the planning process, but book the wrong photographer and you’re forced to look at pictures of yourself that you hate for the rest of your life. So, we wanted to help you out and help you find the photographer that’ll be perfect for you! Here are five things […]

Giving You the Best Night Ever!

Complete: Giving You the Best Night Ever! 11.9.17

When Complete expanded its services beyond DJ and took on wedding video, photography, and photo booth, we hoped to be able to compete with skilled photographers and videographers, as well as high-end photo booth companies. Many years later, we are lucky enough to have what we believe is the most talented group of videographers and […]

We Love Weddings wedding, portrait photography, forest

We Love Weddings! 10.27.17

Weddings are the greatest day of most people’s lives! When your wedding roles around you want it to be memorable and special beyond any other day you’ve ever experienced right!? Well, unfortunately not everyone at your wedding might feel that way. In fact, when booking wedding services, you’re booking a wedding professional who has a […]

Complete Photography: 100% Yours

Complete Photography: 100% Yours 10.13.17

When deciding on a photography service for your wedding, one thing you have to take into consideration is the cost of the pictures themselves AFTER the wedding is over! You could be paying loads more when returning from your honeymoon just to get your hands on the top pics of your wedding night. This is […]

Complete Photography: Making Your Wedding Day Awesome

Complete Photography: Making Your Wedding Day Awesome 8.31.17

For many engaged couples planning their wedding, they often don’t know where to start when it comes to their wedding pictures. So, how do they move forward when it comes to planning their big day in order to get the pictures they want? Complete weddings + events photographers help couples plan their day in order […]

Complete Weddings + Events Photography & Videography

Complete Weddings + Events Photography & Videography 7.7.17

Complete weddings + events understands the importance of giving you awesome pictures and video when you’re finally married and all is said and done. We know that these products are often times some of the most important things to many couples getting married. These two products are both something you will view and enjoy over […]

Complete Photography: Going Beyond Expectations

Complete Photography: Going Beyond Expectations 6.1.17

A photographer is more in control over your wedding day than you may think. A photographer is much more than just the person who takes the pictures of your wedding, and so you need to consider the photographer’s gifts beyond just the obvious. A bride and groom often spend most of their day getting pictures taken […]

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