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Weddings are the greatest day of most people’s lives! When your wedding roles around you want it to be memorable and special beyond any other day you’ve ever experienced right!? Well, unfortunately not everyone at your wedding might feel that way. In fact, when booking wedding services, you’re booking a wedding professional who has a lot of experience, which can sometimes act as a double-edged sword.

Don’t get us wrong, experience is great. When things go haywire or something’s just a bit out of place it’s well worth it to have a trained professional to take care of things so that you won’t have to worry! However, sometimes wedding professionals can lose their passion for weddings and see them as nothing more than work. This easily happens with any job, but we believe it should never happen in the wedding industry. Granted it might be hard sometimes to be enthusiastic when it’s the 60th wedding of the year, and the second or third of the weekend, but your wedding day is YOUR big day, not OUR job.

At Complete, we do everything we can to make sure that after years of working at weddings, we still love each and every wedding we get to work! We have a team that supports our Omaha DJs, photographers, videographers, and photo booth operators to make sure that not only does everyone avoid becoming complacent, but they continue to love what they do at every single wedding they’re at. We truly believe Complete has the most enthusiastic staff in Omaha! After all, weddings are such amazing days, and we know it!

We understand how lucky we are to be in an industry that is full of positive people and great events! We simply love weddings, and it shows! Think for a second what your wedding might look like with a photographer, DJ, or videographer who doesn’t want to be there. Those people would set a tone that could be very boring, and they could ruin the whole vibe for everyone at your wedding! A wedding with people who act like they don’t want to be there would be ruined entirely- why would you want to feel that way on your wedding day!? People’s attitudes are the most contagious things on big days like this, so having upbeat people who are happy to be there will help make your wedding day the best day of your life like it should be!

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