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Wedding Photography – Why Complete?


When planning your wedding there can be so many options when finding the right photographer. You probably have an idea of how you want your wedding photos to look, you might even have pictures planned out in your head months (maybe even years) in advance! Photos are a big deal, you want to make sure you love those pictures that’ll be hanging up in your room, being shown to friends and family, and will just be a part of your marriage for the rest of your life! So, we want to make sure we can give you the best photos possible. Here’s why Complete photography is the best option for Omaha wedding photography:


We’re Adaptable

We have many photographers on staff and each one has a unique style and personality. You’ll have a wide variety of photographers to pick from and you’ll more than likely find one that matches that style you want. Plus, the photographers will meet with you personally and go over all plans/details of the night and how you want your pictures to look. The photographers are extremely adaptable and each one knows how to cater their shots to each individual couple. Trust us, you’ll have your say on how these pics end up!


Professional Editing

Complete’s photography editing department is very prestigious and we take a lot of pride in that. Your pictures will look excellent! We truly believe we have the best editing staff for wedding photography in Omaha by miles!


They’re YOUR Photos

We give a signature release of all the photos taken on the night of your wedding. This means after all is said and done the pictures are legally yours and we can’t charge you for anything after the pictures have been taken and edited. We give you the digital copies of all pictures online and with a thumb drive and you can do whatever you want with them from there, they’re officially 100% yours!


Great Looking Albums and More!

We give you all the photos to do what you want with them, but we don’t think there’s anything better than purchasing albums and wall art with us. We partner with N-Vu, a photography printing and post-photo products company for the best possible albums, canvas prints, and more.


To get an even better idea of what COMPLETE photography offers, head to the COMPLETE weddings + events Omaha website! You can also use our pricing and availability tool to make sure we’re going to be available for your big day!

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