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Complete Photography: Going Beyond Expectations

Complete Photography: Going Beyond Expectations


A photographer is more in control over your wedding day than you may think. A photographer is much more than just the person who takes the pictures of your wedding, and so you need to consider the photographer’s gifts beyond just the obvious. A bride and groom often spend most of their day getting pictures taken whether they’re aware of it or not. This means you’ll likely be dealing with your wedding photographer the entire day! The last thing a bride and groom would want is a difficult person following them around all day. We understand that, so we’ve adjusted our photography service to fit what you deserve. Here’s what our photographers are willing to do for your wedding day:

Let You be You

Our photographers understand that the day of your wedding is a time that you’ll want to cherish with your spouse forever. So, they make sure they do whatever they can to give you some time to take it all in. You’re going to need someone in your corner the day of the wedding to give you some breathing room and let you relax since the day’s going to be so crazy. This will also allow our photographers to capture photos that they wouldn’t get by having you pose for them. By giving you time to just talk, you can get photos of each other just being you on your wedding day. They’ll be real and authentic!

White Glove Service

Complete’s white glove service is something we take pride in. This is where we go above and beyond to make sure that your wedding day is amazing! Any Complete service will perform the white glove service which includes things like opening doors for your guests at the beginning of the night, getting drinks for the head table, and basically catering to the bride and groom’s needs. Our photographers will do whatever needs to be done the night of your wedding to make sure that you’re always on track to having an awesome time!

Bringing Great Personalities

Since you’re going to be stuck with your photographer all day, it’ll be nice to know that they have a good personality. We have many different photographers with many different personalities to choose from, which means you’ll get to pick someone who fits what you want. However, each and every photographer has a personality that should fit well with pretty much any wedding party, and if they didn’t, they probably wouldn’t work for Complete. We make sure our photographers know how important a great personality is at each wedding.

These are just a few reasons booking Complete as your Omaha photographer will make your big day even more special. We always hope your wedding is the best day of your life! Booking Complete for photography will do much more for your wedding than to simply guarantee quality pictures. Although, we can certainly do that as well!

Check out our website to see our photo portfolio where you can find info about each photographer and their pictures! Then click here to see if we’re available for your big day!

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