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Webinar: COVID-19 Wedding Planning Twin Cities Part 3


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Ari Reynolds and Matt Sherry from Complete Weddings + Events Twin Cities sat down to discuss some of the best advice our favorite vendors have for brides planning during the pandemic. Although things are uncertain, there is still much that can be secured during this time.


COVID-19 Wedding Planning Twin Cities Webinar Part 3



Three Rivers Park District thinks you should have Plan A, B, and C so that you can continually be rolling with the punches. From Kathryn: I would encourage you and your fiancé to make your plan A, B, C, etc.…. We have been through a fair amount of guideline changes now, so we have a good idea of how quickly things can change. Creating your dream plan and then several options that you are comfortable will can make the next round of guideline changes less stressful. Also – work with your fiancé and family to create your line in the sand; what is the dealbreaker that will cause you to postpone or cancel? Having these hypothetical conversations and options will make it easier to make adjustments when the time comes.

Todd from Woodland Events believes in phased invitations, sending invites to those most important first. If you’re set on having your wedding in 2021, you may be having a hard time deciding how many invitations to send or whether to send them at all until we know more. If this is you, you may want to consider batched or rolling invitations.

    1. Batched Invitations: Separate your guest list into smaller groups, like an A list, a B list, and a C list. Send invitations to your A list first with a quick deadline (maybe 2-4 weeks). Once you’ve received them back, check to see how many confirmed guests you have. If it’s less than are currently allowed in your venue, send invitations to group B. Continue until you’ve reached the maximum confirmed guests allowed by current restrictions.
    2. Rolling Invitations: Send invitations to 50 people (or up to 25% of your venue’s capacity) now with a note that says, “Due to COVID-19 guest restrictions, please RSVP at your earliest convenience.” As soon as you get your first “No” response back, send an invitation to someone else. Keep doing this until you have 50 (or 25% capacity) confirmed guests. And if the state guidelines change to allow more, simply send invitations to that many more people.

CRAVE encourages you to have patience with your vendors. This is a stressful time for everyone and we need to all be on the same team. It is not the time or climate to be asking people to work late, demanding fast responses, or looking for discounts/deal. We are all still very excited to help you plan your day but may only be able to work a few hours a week as most are still shut down for actual events. Don’t panic if you don’t hear from someone right away!

Also, watch the video above for great advice from 139 Hair by Heidi! She is a great “friendor” vendor and knows what you need for bridal hair and makeup for your big day — something you’ll need no matter your guest list size! My advice is that if you are on the fence about postponing-to think about what your overall goals are for your wedding-or maybe your wedding “mission statement.” I think if we can simplify our expectations and just really think about what matters, then we can prioritize what we care about now and figure out the other stuff later. 

Don’t miss out on your dream wedding because you are nervous! We are working with our couples to make sure that everyone has the event they are hoping for. Ready to roll with the punches for you and help navigate this complicated time; for more information contact Complete Weddings + Events in Minneapolis/St. Paul!

Book Your Date – Don’t Hesitate!

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Hosted by: Ashley Hawks – Forever Bride
Panelists: Ari Reynolds – Complete Weddings+EventsJenna Culley – Jenna Culley Events
Contributors: Brenda Thrower – American Swedish Institute & Slate and Stone CateringAli Ewy & Caitlin Anderson – Minnesota Brides Group/Sota BridesMichelle Tverberg – Delight Photography/Co-founder of TCWEP, and Susan Lee Wright – Perfect Day Ceremonies & Affordable I Do’s.

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