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Summer Bachelorette Alternatives in Milwaukee


You’ve been to a million bachelorette parties in your day. There’s the Nashville, the pool party, the weekend getaways, etc. . .  These are all good and fun, but we know you’re looking for something a little bit more edgy, and not so basic for your own bachelorette! Read on to see our ideas for fun bachelorette party alternatives that you can do right here in or near Milwaukee this summer!

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The Artsy Bachelorette

Are you a lover of all things ART?! If so, then this is the unique, different bachelorette party for you and your gal pals! Milwaukee is famous for its museums, so taking a tour of some of the Wisconsin history in the area will be super fun and interesting activity for you all to do together! Reserve a slot today for your gal pals to visit the beautiful Charles Allis Art Museum, or visit the David Barnett Gallery and see some absolutely gorgeous paintings.

Mix history and grab a brew if you love beer! Visit The Historic Pabst Brewery for its historic building structure. You can schedule a tour to see all the cool details, and you can also reserve it for you and your girls to hang out in as well! Oh, and just F.Y.I. . . you can even have your wedding in this location if you’re still looking for a venue!

A Chill Weekend In

Some girls just wanna have fun while staying in their pajamas and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! We respect the fact that not everyone is going to want to have a grand weekend away, or even a big night out on the town. Grab your girls, grab your most comfy blanket, and get ready for a weekend IN! One thing you can do on your weekend has a movie marathon. Watch the classics- the Notebook, Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, you name it!

While watching movies, you and your gal pals can do anything from decorating donuts to baking anything and everything yummy, sipping on your favorite wine, or our absolute favorite new bachelorette party trend; making spiked lollipops! Such an activity for everyone to participate in, and super yummy for summertime. Check out the recipe and directions here! Also, an option if you really don’t feel like doing much, is to buy your sweets for your chill weekend. Our favorite cupcakes of all time here in Milwaukee are from Classy Girl Cupcakes!

It’s Wine Time

This one is a bit more of an up-scale bachelorette party idea. You can make a weekend out of it, or you can just make it an all-day event with your girls! Milwaukee has some super wine spots and vineyards to check out. Try all the interesting wines you’ve never had before, or stick with what you know will make you happy. Either way, having your wedding party celebrating with you will be an absolutely fun event for everyone! At the very top of our list of wineries to visit is Cedar Creek Winery; delicious wine and the cutest little building to sit in that you ever did see. Another favorite is Corvina Wine Company. Their wine is known in Milwaukee to be amazing, and is another quaint little area to sip some fine wine with your besties.

The Spooky Bachelorette

This is for the bride who is beings celebrated that loves all things spooky! The Bloody Third Ward Ghost Walk is famously scary in Milwaukee, but if you’re a horror buff this is the place to go in Milwaukee for your bachelorette. Along the tour, you will hear of recent paranormal activity in the areas you are seeing. You could easily theme a night or weekend party based on the “spooky” aspect of this shuddering walking tour; grab some snacks and drinks, and get some matching shirts to match the theme. Check out their website to book tickets and schedule your tour!

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