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Best Wedding Videographers in Milwaukee


Planning a wedding is no easy task, especially when it comes to capturing those special memories. One crucial element is the videographer who will immortalize your day in a beautiful and enchanting way. Here, we introduce some of the top wedding videographers in Milwaukee, WI, each with their unique style and approach to documenting your big day.

1) Adam Bainbridge: The Dependable Expert

Adam Bainbridge is a highly experienced and reliable wedding videographer. His years of experience in the field have allowed him to perfect his art of capturing the most precious moments.

Whether it’s the exchange of vows or the joyous celebration at the reception, Adam ensures that every significant event is beautifully captured. His dependability and expertise make him one of the best choices for your wedding day videography.

Adam B Milwaukee Videographer

2) Elijah Jones: The Memory Preserver

Elijah Jones loves being behind the camera, capturing memories that can be cherished for generations. He believes that our lives gain meaning from the connections we make, the people we spend time with, and the memories we create together.

With this philosophy, Elijah transforms fleeting moments into enduring memories. Imagine reliving your parents’ wedding, the décor, the music, the laughter, and the moments leading into the evening. With Elijah’s wedding videography in Milwaukee, these memories won’t dwindle but remain vivid and heartwarming even as the years pass.

Elijah J Wedding Videographer at Complete Weddings + Events Milwaukee

3) Eric Powell: The Caring Professional

Eric Powell is a wedding videographer who truly cares about what he’s doing. This sentiment was echoed by a client who said, “Our videographer was Eric and he was amazing. Such a nice guy who really cares about what he’s doing. My photographer even told me he was the best videographer she’s ever worked with!” Eric’s dedication to his craft and his genuine care for his clients make him an excellent choice for your special day.

Eric P Wedding Videographer at Complete Weddings + Events Milwaukee

4) Joe Lindner: The Easygoing Collaborator

Joe Lindner is praised for his easy-going nature and ability to work seamlessly with photographers.

One client said, “Videographer was sooo easygoing and easy for my photographer to work with!” Joe’s cooperative spirit ensures that your wedding day runs smoothly, allowing you to focus on celebrating your love.

Joe Lindner Wedding Videographer

5) Josh W: The Helpful Partner

Josh W has a reputation for being very helpful and enjoyable to work with. One couple shared, “Our videographer were very helpful and we enjoyed working with Josh!” His helpful nature and dedication to his clients make him an excellent videographer choice for your wedding day.

Josh Wolf Wedding Videographer

6) Matt Staudemeyer: The Cinematic Storyteller

Matt S specializes in cinematic event videography and professional audio production, focusing on weddings and musical performances. One of his clients, Jacqueline G, had only praise for him. She said, “We went through Complete for our Videographer and we had Matt, who was FANTASTIC. Everyone worked as a team which made the night run smoother. My husband and I would highly recommend them to any Bride and Groom looking for a great deal and the best service on their wedding day!” Matt’s focus on teamwork and his cinematic approach to videography ensure that your wedding day is captured in all its glory.

matt videographer from milwaukee

How to Choose the Best Wedding Videographer in Milwaukee

Not sure what to ask when vetting your videographer? These questions can help get you started.

  1. What experience do CM Weddings + Events Milwaukee wedding videographers have in capturing wedding day memories? Do they have any reviews?
  2. Can I see some of your previous wedding films for reference?
  3. How would you describe your style? Do you specialize in story driven wedding films?
  4. Do you offer post wedding films services, such as editing and formatting?
  5. What are the different packages and services that Milwaukee wedding videographer offers?
  6. How do you capture the special moments during the wedding ceremony?
  7. Can you provide a highlight video along with the full-length wedding film?
  8. Who will be the lead videographer on my wedding day?
  9. How do you ensure the quality of the wedding videography?
  10. Do you also offer wedding photography services, or should I hire separate wedding vendors for that?
  11. How do you capture the emotion and character of the wedding day in your films?
  12. Do you focus on filming specific details of the wedding, like the first look or the ceremony?
  13. What equipment and technology do you use to capture and edit the wedding videos?
  14. What is the turnaround time for the final wedding film?
  15. Are you familiar with the wedding venues in Milwaukee, WI?
  16. Can I expect to get both photos and videos from your services?
  17. How do you handle the sound and background noise in the wedding videos?
  18. What is your business’s payment structure for wedding videography services?
  19. Can I speak to some of your previous clients to understand their experience with your company?
  20. How do you ensure that the emotions and tears of joy are filmed without being intrusive?
  21. What preparations do you make for unexpected situations on the wedding day?
  22. How can I ensure that my wedding video will be a pleasure to watch in the future?
  23. Can I include my friends in the planning process of the wedding videography?
  24. What makes your wedding films awesome and unique?
  25. How do you handle the lighting to ensure the best daytime and nighttime shots?

Each of these videographers brings their unique style and approach to capturing your special day. They all share a deep passion for their craft and a commitment to providing the best service for their clients. So, when planning your Milwaukee wedding, consider these professionals to help immortalize your special day.

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