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Corporate Events in Lancaster

There is so much that goes into planning a Corporate event.  No matter what your needs are, you can count on Complete Weddings + Events to be there for all of your event planning needs.  If you are planning a highly anticipated product launch or simply a team-building retreat, you know how important it is to find the best corporate event planning company in Pennsylvania that has everything you need.


Lancaster Corporate Events

Corporate event planning is unique since each event can serve multiple purposes.  A Christmas/Holiday party offered many opportunities for coworkers to socialize outside of the work place.  Many holiday parties can also be used to set the tune for the upcoming year. A corporate team-building retreat also serves as an important employee training opportunity.  The many layers of a great corporate event are most of the time the result of a creative event planner. Complete Weddings + Events has been in the event planning industry for many years and has worked with both large and small companies in Pennsylvania.  We help with all of the details from corporate event entertainment to photography and more. We have the knowledge and professionalism to handle a wide array of events including but not limited to:


Holiday parties

Company “pep rallies”

Award Shows

Open houses

Product launches

Team building events and retreats

Work conferences and events

Marketing events

Networking events


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Elements of Corporate Event Success

The most important piece of any successful Lancaster event, unsurprisingly, is starting with unique corporate event themes. When your corporate event is going off without a hitch, your staff is fully engaged in the messaging and, most importantly, are having fun! Complete Weddings + Events is here to guide you through the rest of the process — with our expertise, we can help you hit your company event goals every time. Here are a few inside tips that our event planners always consider when it comes to planning a memorable corporate event in Lancaster. 

  1. Location, Location, Location: Every corporate event planner will tell you that choosing the right venue is one of the most essential parts of any event (no matter what other surprises you have in mind for the event.) The best corporate events start with an inspiring venue in Lancaster that makes the attendees feel like they are part of something bigger. Everything from the catering to the atmosphere of the room can either enhance or destroy the entire event. Holding your event at a high-end venue is tempting when you want to provide your guests with the best, but sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for that. This is where creative corporate event planners  can really shine — professional lighting, for example, can go a long way toward enhancing a less than ideal space. With colorful uplighting and custom monogram light designs, your event space can go from bland to inspiring at the snap of a finger. The Complete Weddings + Events planners have worked in nearly every venue in Lancaster and can walk you through how to make your vision a reality, without breaking the budget! 
  2. Contagious Enthusiasm: A corporate event is always about spreading the spirit and the message of the company to those in attendance. To get your audience on board, you need to build their enthusiasm and make that feeling contagious. To fast track a corporate event to a more energetic mood, event planners often suggest dancing, games or activities, and other event entertainment options depending on your needs. Finding the right person to lead the event and build audience engagement will be critical to its success. Sometimes this will be the “boss” or another company employee, but sometimes bringing in a corporate event entertainer such as a DJ or professional MC is better suited to amplifying the experience. Complete Weddings + Events makes finding the right professional event leader easy for you!
  3. Far-reaching Fun: When people are having fun, then they are engaged in the event, which is when you can be sure they’re really hearing the message your event is promoting. This means including fun parts in an event aren’t add-ons, they’re essential! Choosing fun corporate event ideas depends largely on where your event is being held. You may want to stay simple and stick with well-placed icebreakers and team building activities, or you may want to create a real buzz with something outrageous, like a ball pit. Complete Weddings + Events offers photo booths at events to shake things up and get guests laughing, posing, and joining in some interactive fun. No matter how you create fun at your corporate event, it all adds up to engaged attendees — and the more interactive fun you include, the more people will want to be there.
  4. Message Delivered: So you’ve worked hard and invested a lot of energy and resources into creating an event that accomplishes its goals and spreads your intended message… now what? Your company should capitalize on all of that work and make sure that message continues to land through as many avenues as possible. Hiring a photographer and videographer for your event is a wise way to continue that momentum long after the event is over. Photos of a team building event can maintain excitement, create positive memories, and build connections among teammates. Pictures from a product launch event can become powerful marketing tools for social media accounts. A video of the speech given by the CEO can be shared later to help more people understand the mission of the company. Don’t let any of these powerful marketing moments pass by. Our team of photographers and videographers are there to make sure you get the most out of your corporate event.

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Complete Weddings + Events has the all the resources to ensure you plan the best corporate event  suited to meet your companies needs. We have the professional lighting, the event DJs, the photographers, videographers, and photo booth rentals that can take your event to the next level. When you have a big idea but don’t know where to start, contact us — we want to help!

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