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Guide to Tipping Your Wedding Vendors


Figuring out how much to tip your wedding vendors can be stressful. You’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on the big day and you want to thank your trusted vendors, without breaking the bank. Understanding the ins and outs of tipping your wedding vendors can help relieve stress while making sure you stay within your wedding budget.

Where to start?

First of all; do you tip all your vendors? Not always. Before you start working on gratuities, make sure you read through all of your contracts. You may find that some vendors have gratuity added to your final cost.

The most common vendors that might do this are your catering company as well as the venue. However, this will not always be the case. Be safe and check over every contract you’ve signed to avoid double tipping or leaving someone out.

What is the best way to tip a vendor?

If you are thinking about tipping using money, your best bet is always cash. While checks have the same monetary value, you can run into some roadblocks. Do you put their business name or personal? Should you give it to the company owner or directly to the vendor?

If you plan ahead and put cash in envelopes you save yourself from possible confusion or mistakes.

When and how should wedding vendor tips be distributed?

Most of the time, tips are coming straight from the wedding couple. However, no one expects the couple to take time out of their special day to run around and track down vendors to hand out tips. While it’s much appreciated when this is the case, your vendors want you to enjoy the day as much as your friends and family do.

By letting a wedding coordinator, bridal party member, or trusted family member be in charge of handing out gratuities, the couple gets to stay on the dance floor and enjoy their big day. Timing is also key. Even though it is best to have tips prepared ahead of time, it is still best to wait until close to the time your vendors are supposed to depart to give them the tips.

Giving your vendors tips at the end of the night will ensure you are completely pleased will all your vendor’s efforts throughout your big day before you gift them.

Is there a rule on the amount?

Short answer: No.

While technically etiquette, any offer of gratuity to your vendors is not expected but always appreciated. Whether that be money, a gift, or a fantastic review, they will be very grateful. If you are looking for a guide on the amount to tip, there are some basic rules of thumb.

For vendors that do not own their company, a basic 15-20% tip is typical. However, if your vendor is the owner of the company, it is not technically expected. Most of the time they have calculated their profits into the prices. However, if you feel they have done exceptional service, please feel free to tip!

Thank You’s

Maybe a tip of monetary value isn’t possible. It is still best to find some way to give appreciation to your vendors. Thank you cards are a sweet way to give them personal “thanks” after your big day. Leaving a review online is also a great way to show appreciation. This is also a way to help them excel in their business or even get kudos from their employers. These things go a long way!

Tipping your wedding vendors is not meant to make you stress financially. If you feel you are putting yourself in any sort of hardship, please do not stress about gratuities. Wedding vendors never expect tips. Most of them are more than appreciative when they are received but never angry when they aren’t.

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