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most important wedding photos

Most Important Wedding Photos on a Wedding Day


What are the most important wedding photos to take on a Kansas City wedding day? Any wedding photographer should know these, but it’s always a great idea to make sure your vision of the most important wedding photos aligns with theirs.

Most Important Wedding Photos on your Wedding Day

Getting Ready Moments

Start by documenting the excitement and anticipation as you and your bridal party prepare for the big day. Capture the intricate details of your attire, the laughter shared, and the moments leading up to the ceremony.

Plenty of Portraits

As a given, your photographer will want to get plenty of photos of just you two. Make sure the scenery in the background photos is something you vibe with! And even if the weather is completely horrible, grab some bridesmaids or your personal attendant to help with carrying your dress, holding an umbrella, or whatever it takes to get at least a few outdoor photos.

Also, don’t stop at daytime photos! As hard as it may be to leave the party during cocktail hour, you will not regret getting romantic photos during the golden hour. This short period of time just before sunset can create some of the most beautiful photos unique to any other throughout your wedding day. Sneak away for the thirty minutes with your photographer as it’s well worth it!

And finally, don’t forget to capture individual portraits of just you and your partner separately all styled up!

Candid Moments

Cherish spontaneous, candid shots that reflect the joy and authenticity of your celebration. These unplanned moments capture the true essence of the day, preserving memories that last a lifetime and contributing to the most important wedding photos.

Wedding Day Accessories

Don’t forget the rings, shoes, jewelry, perfume bottle, veil, garter.. and all the little things that so much effort and thought were put into for this one special day.

Wedding Party Individual Photos

You’ll find you use photos of yourself and one individual bridesmaid or groomsman quite often! These photos of you and your bestie should not be missed, and your wedding party will be glad to have an individual with you!

Grandparents + Close Extended Family

Be sure to express any family members close to you that might not be as obvious as your siblings or parents with your wedding photographer. You may have a cousin who is basically a sibling to you, but you wanted to be fair and not include them in your wedding party since you aren’t including your other cousins. Or perhaps your grandparents will only be able to attend your wedding ceremony and having a photo with them is extremely important. These little details can sometime be missed, causing big regrets. If it makes sense for you, carve out time in your day for a few of those special individuals not in your wedding party!

Walk Down the Aisle

The walk down the aisle is a defining moment. Whether it’s a traditional procession or a unique entrance, ensure your photographer captures the emotions on your face, the reactions of loved ones, and the beauty of the venue.

The Reception Exit or Entrance

If you’re planning something for your reception entrance or perhaps doing a sparker exit, these moments can create some of the most exciting emotional photos of the day! You’ll definitely want them captured, so make sure they happen within the hours you have hired your photographer.

Most Important Wedding Photos

Use these ideas to ultimately work with your photographer in making sure what matters to you is being captured on your big day. Look through our photography portfolio for wedding photo ideas around Kansas City, and contact us to learn more about our photographers!

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