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How to Plan a Bridal Shower in Kansas City?

How to Plan a Bridal Shower


Whether you are a maid of honor, bridesmaid, family, or friend, planning a bridal shower in Kansas City can feel overwhelming! Many pieces are involved and the bride’s BIG day is coming up! You want it to be as perfect as possible for the bride to be! The goal is to make her feel loved, excited, and supported. To make this happen, check out our tips on how to plan a bridal shower in Kansas City!


How to Plan a Bridal Shower in Kansas City?

1. Decide on a Budget

As planning most things go, the best place to start is with a budget. This helps decision-making smoother, as there is less grey area for choices. If you are unsure about certain items, leave a little cushion while also being realistic. More often than not, more than one person contributes to the shower, which makes it less expensive for all and also leaves the potential for a larger budget.

2. Guest List

Make sure to include those who are an absolute must! This includes close family and bridal parties. After that, add on friends, extended family, and co-workers. Decide if children will be allowed to attend, as this will affect your count!

3. Location

Decide on a location to host the bridal shower. This could be held at a family member’s or friend’s home, a restaurant, park, community center, or even a venue! It becomes easier to narrow down the choices when there is a set budget and you have an estimate for the number of guests. Try to choose a location that is within a reasonable distance for the guests, so that more have the potential of attending!

4. Date

Once a location has been chosen, choosing the date becomes much easier! Depending on the location chosen, the house owner may have limiting obligations, community centers may have blocked out dates, and venues likely have limited availability due to weddings or any other previously booked events.

5. Theme or Colors

Choose a theme for the shower or at least specific colors! If you have a difficult time deciding, a safe route is to go with the wedding colors so that if the bride has keepsakes from the event, they will match her wedding keepsakes! Keep in mind, sometimes simple is best! The bride will appreciate the shower either way.

6. Invites

Now that the theme or colors have been chosen, it’s time to send out invitations! Be sure to include all details of the event and stores that she is registered at.

7. Food & Drinks

Depending on your budget, there is quite a large range of possibilities for food and beverages! It can be from homemade appetizers to a full meal to having catered food! Don’t forget to have sweets!

Beverages can be kept simple and tasteful. Wine and/or Mimosas are always a favorite! If it is within your budget, creating a special named custom cocktail is fun and unique! Be sure to include non-alcoholic beverages as well for those that don’t consume alcohol.

8. Shopping Time!

Since the budget has been set and a theme or colors have been chosen, this simplifies deciding on decorations! This is yet another action item that can have a wide range but can also be simple, yet tasteful. Themed balloons, such as a bride or a ring, and themed plate ware, napkins, and cups is a great starting point! Flowers are always beautiful and appreciated.

9. Games & Activities

Bridal shower games are ALWAYS the best part! This is when the laughter gets going and some guests start to really loosen up! There are endless possibilities.

A popular and fun one is the ring game! This is where every guest starts with a (cheap & fake) ring on their finger. Anytime someone says the word ‘bride’, whoever calls them out, gets their ring! Whoever has the most rings at the end of the event, wins a prize!

Oven Mitts & Hose is an absolutely hilarious game! One person, or the host, acts as the referee. This can be done with all ladies at the same time or with smaller groups to have a tournament-style game! The ladies are given oven mitts to wear and a pair of pantyhose. Whoever is able to put the pantyhose on the fastest, wins!

Have gifts for your winners! Plan anywhere from 3-5 games or activities for guests to participate in. Who doesn’t love prizes?! This also creates some fun competition!

Happy bridal shower planning!!

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