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How to Have a Virtual Wedding in Kansas City?

How to Have a Virtual Wedding?


Due to covid-19, many couples have recently been faced with the decision to either cancel, reschedule, or completely change their wedding day. Just because there are restrictions held in many places, this doesn’t mean that your big day can’t happen. With all of these restrictions and covid-19, many guests are unable to attend that the couple was wanting to be there. With any way you decide to have your wedding, making your wedding virtual helps all those become a part of your big day. Check out our tips on how to have a virtual wedding in Kansas City!


How to Have a Virtual Wedding in Kansas City?

1. Inform all vendors

Be sure to keep all vendors in the loop! Many vendors have been able to adjust their packages to accommodate smaller weddings. Smaller weddings more often than not mean less time. Most vendors other than food and flowers are impacted.

2. Have quality technology

When having a virtual wedding, it is vital that the camera equipment is of quality. This is so that your virtual wedding guests will be able to see everything as if they were there. This definitely beats having a blurry image, unable to make out faces!

3. Designate a reliable person

Don’t just trust anyone to capture your virtual wedding. Make sure the person you designate to handle the camera is trustworthy and reliable, putting your needs first. This person needs to be aware of how important this day is to you and to everyone that will be virtually attending!

4. Choose a platform

Decide which video platform you will be using, so that this can be shared with all virtual wedding guests. Facebook Live, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, are just a few that can be used.

5. Virtual guest interaction

Some platforms allow guests to be in a waiting room, where they can interact with each other! Be sure to offer the opportunity for virtual guests to pre-record a special message to the bride and groom, as the bride and groom will likely not be able to interact with that individual person. Virtual guests can also contribute in ways that are more involved, such as providing a blessing for the meal, a toast, or something meaningful during the ceremony. Just make sure that your DJ is able to connect this video to their speaker so that all wedding guests are able to hear it.

Other ways to make your virtual wedding guests feel included is to send them a meal and drinks! Be sure to include their virtual wedding dress code, so they feel as if they are there as much as possible!

6. Share your thanks

Let all those involved in making your wedding happen, as well as your virtual wedding guests, know how grateful you are to them for being a part of your big day, no matter how they contributed.


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