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Bridesmaid Duties You NEED To Know

Bridesmaid Duties You NEED To Know


Many bridesmaids are unaware of what their duties are. It’s much more than getting dolled up and taking pictures. Being a bridesmaid is the GREATEST support to the Bride. This is her BIG DAY! Anything you can do to help her will be incredibly appreciated. Check out our lists of Bridesmaid Duties you NEED to know!

Bridesmaid Duties You NEED To Know

Pre-Wedding Parties

Help the Maid of Honor plan the Bridal Shower as well as the Bachelorette. Planning an event is no small task. The less the Maid of Honor has on her shoulders, the better! Be open to sharing and compromising with all bridesmaids. You want to be sure that the Bride has the time of her life!

Difficult Decisions

Be sure to remain calm during big decisions for the wedding. Be a voice of reason and flexibility. Always be sure to do the best to make sure all decisions being made will benefit the Big Day.

Stress-Free Bride

Anything you can do to help the Bride remains calm will be best! Agreeing with what she wants to happen and being a phenomenal friend will serve the Bride well.


Remain positive during the entire event, from planning to the end of the Reception. Don’t fall for silly unnecessary drama. Be the bridesmaid that all others want to be!

Show Up

Be sure to show up to ALL pre-wedding events. This includes dress shopping, bridal showers, bachelorette, and any other gatherings with the bridal party. The bride will appreciate it SO much, knowing that her friends are by her side.

Stay Pumped!

Stay excited through the ENTIRE wedding process. This will help keep everyone else excited, Especially the Bride! Stay pumped up all the way through the reception, even if it’s only when you’re near the Bride. She will notice and it will help her stay excited.

Be the BEST

Make sure you are ALWAYS the bridesmaid that you would want to have at your very own wedding.

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