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Big Wedding vs Small Wedding

Big Wedding vs. Small Wedding – Pros and Cons 5.31.23

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days in the life of a couple, and choosing the right wedding size is essential to have the best wedding experience. The size of a wedding can depend on a couple of factors, including your budget, the type of people you will invite, and your vision […]

Kathryn + Tyler's Crystal Ballroom Wedding

Kathryn + Tyler’s Crystal Ballroom Wedding 12.20.22

Kathryn and Tyler were your classic high school sweethearts.  Tyler, a football player, and Kathryn, a cheerleader started dating their freshman year and all the way through their senior year. When graduation came around, they started their journey of long distance as Tyler signed to play college football five hours away. It was difficult, but […]

Shiva + Daniel wedding day

Shiva + Daniel’s Sugar Pointe Estate Wedding 8.29.22

Have you ever met someone that makes you bring your guard down and lose your cool? That’s exactly what happened when Daniel first saw Shiva back in 2011. He was at his Quartermasters Corps and the moment he saw her, he was lovestruck. Fast forward 11 years and he finally got the girl of his […]

Don’t Make These Wedding Planning Mistakes 7.28.22

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting things you do perhaps in your entire lifetime! Typically, you’ll have about a week’s worth of time of pure joy during the engagement party and initial celebration. After the celebration is over, you’re left with the reality that you have an entire wedding to plan. When planning, […]

Kathleen + George

A Crystal Ballroom Wedding For Kathleen + George 4.28.22

When Kathleen + George met, they had no idea that it would one day lead them to walk down the aisle later. One fateful encounter led them to the rest of their lives! After months on end of planning and putting together the perfect day, the two were finally ready to get married.

Anna + Stephen’s Church Wedding In San Jose

Anna + Stephen’s Church Wedding In San Jose 1.19.22

In early November, Anna + Stephen decided to take the next steps in their relationship. Making it official… forever! The two had a stunning wedding day at the San Jose Church of Christ surrounded by the people they love most. A day filled with love and hope for the future, it was sure to go […]

Engagement Session Prep

Engagement Session Prep + Giveaway! 12.2.21

You don’t want to head into the week of your engagement photo session with no plans. Maybe you don’t care too much about locations or poses, but when it’s the morning of and you’re trying on what you thought you wanted to wear and it’s NOT working, you’ll be wishing you took a few prep […]

A New Chapter for Jennifer + James in Jacksonville 10.21.21

When you look at Jennifer + James, you can’t help but feel the love between the two of them. Whenever Jennifer looks at him, she can’t help but smile from ear to ear. And he does the same, knowing that she’s wearing the smile because of him. The journey that life threw at them to […]

Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings vs Wedding Rings 9.20.21

We hear you’re ready to ask the big question and you’ve started shopping for a ring. As you were shopping for a ring, you may have found that there’s not only one ring, but two rings to shop for! Or, maybe you already knew that before you started looking, but are wondering why? Why buy […]

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