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A Guide to Plus-One Etiquette for your Wedding Day

A Guide to Plus-One Etiquette for your Wedding Day


Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. Of course, you want to invite your closest family and friends. That list may not be very long until you start to consider the plus-ones that would accompany those important people. Couples find it challenging to narrow down the guest list as they may not be familiar with plus-one etiquette for their wedding day.

When completing your guest list, you should keep the following plus-one etiquette tips in mind for your wedding.

Married, Engaged, and Cohabitating Couples

Invite both people since they share their lives together. Most likely you spend time with them as a couple on a regular basis.

Abide by Clear Rules for Other Guests

If you allow one single guest to bring a plus-one, then you should allow all the single guests to do so as well.

Bridal Party Members

Whether they are single or in a committed relationship, all the members are allowed to bring a plus-one. This is a way to show you appreciate them standing with you as you take the first step into married life.

Social Groups

If you or your partner participate alone in a group like Zumba, softball, or kickball, then you would only invite the person that participates in that activity and are not obligated to invite their significant other.

Clear Communication

Once you decide on the plus-one etiquette for your day, communication is key. Utilizing the invitation is the best way to do so. Within the invitation, you can list the guest names that are invited. For example: if you send an invitation to a friend who also has children, you will list out the children’s names as well.

Be Prepared to Answer the Question “Can I Bring a Plus-One?”

Some people may ask if they can bring a guest event after receiving their invitation. Therefore, you should plan on how to address this in advance.

Remember, this is your wedding day, and you should be celebrating the way you envision. Do what feels most authentic to you and your partner.

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