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Big Wedding vs Small Wedding

Big Wedding vs. Small Wedding – Pros and Cons


The wedding day is one of the most memorable days in the life of a couple, and choosing the right wedding size is essential to have the best wedding experience. The size of a wedding can depend on a couple of factors, including your budget, the type of people you will invite, and your vision for your special day. In this blog post, we will walk you through a breakdown of having a big wedding vs a small wedding in Jacksonville, covering the pros and cons of each.

Big Wedding vs Small Wedding

The main thing to keep in mind when reviewing the options is what is your overall vision and goal for your special day. Using your ideas for your dream wedding as your main focal point will greatly assist with deciding on the size of your wedding.

Big Wedding

Big weddings allow you to invite as many guests as you desire, you can dream as grand as you would like, you will hit all required minimums with ease and minimum stress, and you will have so many people to happily assist with last-minute details leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day.

On the other hand, larger weddings are more expensive, couples find that they do not have enough time to spend quality time with their guests, and finding a venue that can accommodate the number of guests and also fits your vision can be challenging.

Small Wedding

Small weddings can allow couples to have an intimate event with only their favorite people in attendance, you get to focus on the personalization and overall quality of the experience and have more time to visit with your guests. However, narrowing down all your family and friends and hitting the required minimum can be challenging. The vibe is typically more relaxed and chill than a hyped party vibe and there will be fewer gifts and cards.

Once you decide which route to take, then you will have a clear outline of how to proceed throughout the rest of the planning process. Remember this is your day and you should be celebrated the way that will truly make you happy!

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