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How to Begin Planning the Music for Your Wedding


Picking the music for your wedding day can be a little overwhelming. On top of what you are going to have your first dance to and the other special dances, what types of music will be played throughout the night? We have come up with a couple of helpful tips to think about while selecting songs or genres for the music for your wedding.

Following your Vision

When you were planning your dream wedding, what did you envision? Is it a more classical affair with a string quartet in the background during dinner? Or, do you want a more club-type atmosphere with guests entering into a room with lights and the party already started? These are definitely things to keep in mind when planning the music for your wedding. You could have the DJ or band play classical music, or you could actually hire that string trio or quartet for the added display and ambiance. This can also determine the type of music that is played. If there is a theme to the wedding that add the need to incorporate a certain style of music to further the atmosphere.

Setting your Timeline

We recommend getting most of the “spotlight events” out of the way early. This includes introductions, special dances, cake cutting, or group photos. This way the dance floor doesn’t have to constantly be interrupted and cleared for these activities.

Picking Your Special Dances

The special dances, or spotlight dances as we like to call them, normally include the couple’s first dance, the father of the bride and the bride, and the mother of the groom and the groom. These are normally special to the participants or songs that have deep meaning and affection behind them. There are many popular options for the father/daughter and mother/son dances. Usually, the first dance is always a song special to the bride and groom. We recommend keeping these dances around one to two minutes long so guests don’t lose interest.

Keep Your Guests In Mind

It is the couple’s big day but it is always good to keep guests’ enjoyment in mind when selecting the music. The bride and groom might be huge metalheads, but that’s probably not what everyone at their wedding will want to listen to for the whole evening. It is good to have a good variety of genres to fit the many tastes of guests. If there will be families or kids at the event or wedding, then you would want to make sure the DJ or band knows to play the radio-friendly versions of songs.

Ask your DJ for Help

We are not only here to perform at your wedding and make sure the night is entertaining and stress-free, we’re here for you during the planning process as well. Complete Weddings + Events Houston uses online planning sheets that have sections to fill out music for all of your special selections from the ceremony to the reception that clients and your DJ will have access to throughout the planning process. We include sections for the important “must play” songs and also for the maybe even more important “do not play” songs. Our professional DJs also have plenty of experience to help pick the perfect song for any occasion if you’re having trouble or don’t know where to start!

Complete Weddings + Events in Houston

Planning a wedding is an exciting time in your life, but when it starts to become overwhelming, know there are experts who are happy to help! Contact Complete Weddings + Event for advice or to set up a consultation for your Houston event!

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