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good cause

Party Like it’s For a Good Cause! 10.6.21

Each year, Complete Weddings + Events works to provide services to the most vulnerable in the developing world. The fundraiser for the cause (our Do Good Together initiative) has begun! We are extremely proud of the things this campaign has already accomplished in the past. However, we are even more excited about what we can […]

How to Create a Wedding Hashtag

How to Create a Wedding Hashtag 9.13.21

The venue, Invites, Florals – Check, Check, Check! This next item on your wedding planning checklist can be completely cost-free! However, resources or extra brainpower can be helpful to check off a creative hashtag. You’re not alone if you’d fancy having hashtags guests can use at your wedding on social media! Wedding hashtags have become […]

music for your wedding

How to Begin Planning the Music for Your Wedding 8.25.21

Picking the music for your wedding day can be a little overwhelming. On top of what you are going to have your first dance to and the other special dances, what types of music will be played throughout the night? We have come up with a couple of helpful tips to think about while selecting […]

wedding decor

Timeless Wedding Themes 8.11.21

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is deciding on your theme. This is what decides what you’ll wear, how the venue will be decorated, and even what kind of food you will have. Having a theme makes it easier for you to narrow down some of the bigger decisions of your […]

Wedding Ring for Grooms

How to Pick a Wedding Ring for Grooms 7.25.21

Last week we talked about selecting a wedding band for the bride. This week we’re helping the men out there! For the grooms who are trying to find their wedding band, finally, picking out some jewelry for yourself! Let’s be honest, most things pertaining to weddings are all about the bride. This is the one […]

wedding ring for brides

How to Pick a Wedding Ring for Brides 7.15.21

The ring is synonymous with Weddings. In some ways, it is the centerpiece of the whole day. It is the symbol of love everlasting between a married couple. The engagement ring is usually flashy and large, while the wedding band is normally a smaller and more subtle design. For a lot of brides, this is […]

Wedding Planner in Houston

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner in Houston? 7.12.21

When hosting your own wedding, it’s typically your first time putting together an event of such grandeur, where you’re both managing and are the key decision-maker on every aspect: budget, decor, timing, all the things! While this may naturally feel like an exciting feat, (finally you get to decide the menu!), there are tons of […]

bridesmaids & bridal robes

Bridal Robes To Get Ready In 6.23.21

First of all, there is very little in this world that is more comfy than a nice robe! Whether it’s right after a shower, after getting out of bed in the morning, or just laying around on a lazy afternoon, it has become a staple of luxury and relaxation. Robes can also be pretty dang […]

Tyler + Katelyn Janota • Cross Key Acres Wedding

Tyler + Katelyn Janota • Cross Key Acres Wedding 6.2.21

Tyler and Katelyn had their beautiful wedding at Cross Key Acres on April 17th! From looking at the photos, you almost wouldn’t believe that it almost couldn’t happen outside! The entire morning was cloudy and overcast with rain showers. No one wants to rain on their wedding day, but as anyone living in Houston has […]

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