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There are plenty of ways to make your event special – entire pages on the internet are dedicated to the kind of event and party details that can make your party unforgettable! While you might be laser-focused on the guest list or food, it’s worth spending some time thinking about hiring the best Houston DJ to MC your wedding, corporate party, birthday party, private party, or any other event. An experienced DJ can get the party started and keep your event going as long as you’d like.

Fortunately, finding the best DJs in Houston is easy with Complete Weddings + Events! Our Disc Jockeys are passionate about connecting people and handling the details, so everyone has a blast!

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Finding the Best Wedding DJ in Houston, TX for Your Big Day

Delicious food, fun games, and goodie bags galore can make your event special, but when it comes to setting the mood, there’s just no alternative to a professional event or wedding DJ. Such professionals can get the party started, maintain an exciting rhythm throughout the evening, and keep your guests dancing the night away.

Finding the perfect Houston DJ for your big event or special day is easy with Complete Weddings + Events on the job! We’re committed to keeping you and your guests grooving – so leave the details to us while you have fun!

Selecting Your DJs in Houston

Event planning comes with an array of important decisions to make. Selecting the right Houston DJ and entertainment service can make all the difference when planning a vibrant night to remember.

When clients come to us searching for the perfect all-event DJ in Houston, we make it our mission to find professionals who can both entertain guests and keep people dancing all night. Finding a top-notch Houston wedding or event DJ who can read the room make adjustments to their playlist based on the crowd, and play all genres of music – including hip hop, rock, pop, and more – can truly elevate a party from fun to incredible.

Preferences to Consider

Every party is different – the soundtrack to a wedding reception will sound quite different than the tunes played at a Sweet 16 celebration! With that in mind, it’s worth considering the kind of questions you’d ask a DJ in Houston, TX. Not sure where to start? Use these bullet points to guide your search for DJ services in the Houston area:

Building the mood

The mark of a great DJ is their ability to turn an awkward and shy crowd into a lively and excited room of dancers. Of course, not every event calls for this kind of evolution; a corporate event DJ in Houston might be excellent at setting the tone for a formal dinner while a wedding and event DJ in Houston might be better at curating a dance playlist. Regardless, in your hunt for the perfect DJ, it’s worth asking how they get the crowd excited.


Just as you wouldn’t hire a pet sitter to babysit your toddler, you’ll want to select a DJ who has experience with the specific kind of event you’re hosting. Most DJs get into the field because of their love for music, but their personal preferences in the types of gigs they take and the tunes they play can seriously impact the mood of your event. Ask about their experience with your type of event and how they handle common challenges that may arise.

Song request policies

Some DJs are eager to take song requests of event attendees, while others prefer to personally curate the night’s playlist. If you feel strongly about song requests, it’s worth asking a Houston DJ about their policy before you hire them. It’s also a good idea to outline any songs you don’t want to be played or specific songs you know you’ll want to hear at the event. Controlling for surprises is key for any successful party!

  • Staffing

Many DJs work alone, but some bring along assistants to help set up and break down their equipment. In some cases, large DJ companies send out different employees to man the event than the person you spoke to about their services. When chatting about the options, make sure you’re clear on exactly who will be manning your special event and what safety net is in place if they can’t make it.


Some DJs have streamlined their equipment and won’t take up a lot of space. Others will bring along lights and sound equipment and will need a certain amount of square footage for their setup. Ask about their needs:

How early do they need to access the space to begin setting up? How many electrical outlets will they need? Do they wear a uniform or will they dress to match the formality of your event?

These kinds of logistical questions are often forgotten amidst the excitement of planning!

Why Work With Complete Weddings + Events Houston?

Our Houston DJs have the experience, savvy, and instincts required to make your event memorable. Leave the details to our team – with Complete Weddings + Events on the job, you’ll be free to live it up on the dance floor!

Because our DJs bring their experience and their state-of-the-art equipment to each gig, you can relax knowing your party is in good hands. With a variety of set-up options, playlists, and plans to meet your needs, you’ll be able to hand over the reins without worrying about delegating throughout the night.

Complete Interactive – Next Level Entertainment

Complete Weddings + Events offers Complete Interactive, fun, fresh activities to get all your wedding guests involved! For each custom interactive wedding experience, we use online platforms and digital interaction to level up your wedding reception with a couples questionnaire, trivia, a song selection poll, and social media wall.

Learn more about Complete Interactive to see what sets Complete Weddings + Events DJs in Houston apart!

Book a Houston Wedding DJ – Complete Weddings + Events

At Complete Weddings + Events, we know that a party is only as good as the people behind the scenes. That’s why we’re committed to delivering the best Houston DJ experience possible. No matter what kind of event you’re planning, trust our team to connect you with the perfect DJ for the job. Contact us for other great vendor services, too!

We also offer event planning services, photography, videography, and even photo booth rentals to make your night one for the history books.

Customer Reviews

“Great experience. Ramone-DJ was fantastic. He did everything exactly as we asked. Prices were the most reasonable of every place we looked.” – Darrel B. 

“Great DJ and great music! The kids had a lot of fun. Very professional service – I would highly recommend Complete!” – Tonya B. 

“I was beyond pleased by the services that were provided. Everyone was on time and payed attention to intricate detail! Mr. Ron was with me every step of the way. We stayed in communication to make sure that it was all perfect. Everyone kept saying how amazing everyone did. I got the dj, photography, videographer, and photo booth! I can’t wait to see my awesome video and photos!” – Los

Hiring Complete was the best decision we made for our wedding. They were awesome during the planning stages and helped me think of things that hadn’t even crossed my mind. The day of the event our DJ, Jimmy, was absolutely amazing! He went above and beyond to make sure everyone was having a great time. He definitely made the night, we got SO many compliments! We will 100% use Complete again! THANKS RON AND JIMMY!!” – Kasey T. 

“Victor was our DJ for our wedding and we absolutely loved him! We had gone over reception details prior to the day of the wedding and the order of events that needed to take place. The day of, things did not go as planned (food wasn’t ready in time) and the schedule was not what we originally planned. Victor rolled with it and kept the party up throughout the whole thing. If we didn’t know any better, it would’ve looked like we planned for everything to happen exactly. He catered to our needs the whole night. Multiple guest came up to me complimenting on how enjoyable the DJ was and how he interacted with the crowd. Many family that lived in the Houston area said they would be booking Victor the next time they need a DJ. He stole our heart and we will use him anytime we need a DJ. THANK YOU VICTOR FOR MAKING THE HAPPIEST DAY OF OUR LIFE THE MOST FUN TOO!” – Hope H. 

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