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Be Awesome

What it Means to “Be Awesome”


Complete strives daily to live by a very simple tagline: “Be Awesome”. It’s just two simple words, but to us, it says a ton!

Be Awesome

To us, “Be Awesome” means to go above and beyond expectations and provide the best product that we possibly can. Here are a few things we do that we think defines “Be Awesome”.

Be There

Be there means that we’re present at your event. This doesn’t mean we’re just physically at your event, but mentally as well. No matter what goes on in our lives, we’re more than willing to drop everything because being there for your wedding or event for a few hours is essential. Without being there in every way we can, there’s no possible way for us to make your night awesome — and we definitely want to make your night awesome!

Choose Your Attitude

We know that an attitude effects the entire night of your event. A DJ who has a bad attitude could set a depressing tone for your wedding night. Our Florida DJs, photographers, videographers, and photo booth attendants choose their attitude for each event to set a positive tone!

Make Their Day

This is what we’re all about! This is the most visible part of each our services. We want to make your wedding or event extremely special. Being there and choosing our attitude are just the building blocks of making your day. However, when we are able to actually make your day with our services, that’s the finished product!

Have Fun

Having fun is the cherry on top of it all. We don’t absolutely need to have fun, but we’re fully aware that when we have fun, you have fun. That’s why at every event we do, we all have fun! We want to make sure to set a great tone for any event we’re lucky enough to provide services.

We love what we do and want to bring our “Be Awesome” attitude to any wedding or event. Check out our website to get more info on all of our services and check to see if we’re available for your date!

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If you’re looking to tie the knot or throw an epic event, you have come to the right place. Complete Weddings + Events Fort Myers will help you find the right event or wedding DJ, wedding photographer, and videographer to throw a phenomenal party. Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers leading provider of event and wedding photography, videography, lighting, DJ services & photo booth rental.

Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers leading provider of event and wedding photography, videography, lighting, DJ services, coordination, & photo booth rental.

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