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Wedding Speeches Do's and Don’ts

Wedding Speeches Do’s and Don’ts


Wedding Speeches Do's and Don’ts


One of the most memorable moments at any wedding is the speeches. Giving a wedding speech is an honor and a chance to express your love and well wishes for the couple. However, it can also be nerve-wracking and challenging to deliver a speech that is both memorable and appropriate for the occasion. We have compiled a list of wedding speeches do’s and don’ts to ensure that yours is a hit!


DO – Prepare and Practice

According to Toastmasters International, the most important DO of wedding speeches is to prepare and practice beforehand. Take the time to write a heartfelt and well-structured speech that captures the essence of the couple and the occasion. Your audience is giving you their time and consideration, so rehearse enough to be confident you’ll leave a good impression.

DO – Be Positive and Uplifting

Weddings are joyous celebrations, so it’s important to maintain a positive and uplifting tone in your speech. Express your well-wishes for the couple and highlight the positive qualities that make their relationship special. Offer kind words of encouragement and support as they embark on their journey together.

DO – Make It Engaging

Engage the audience by incorporating humor, relatable stories, or interactive elements into your speech. Keep the mood light and ensure that your speech captivates the attention of everyone in the room. A good balance of emotion and entertainment will make your speech enjoyable for all.

DO – Pace Yourself

When delivering your speech, be conscious of your pace. Speak slowly and clearly, giving everyone a chance to fully understand and absorb your words. Pause for laughter and applause, allowing the audience to react and engage with your speech.

Don’t – Embarrass or Offend

While humor is encouraged, it’s crucial to strike a balance between funny and inappropriate. Avoid embarrassing the couple or sharing stories that may make them uncomfortable. Be mindful of cultural or religious sensitivities and ensure your speech is inclusive and respectful to everyone present.

Don’t – Use Offensive Language or Innuendos

Choose your words carefully and steer clear of anything that could be perceived as disrespectful or offensive. Some weddings these days can be quite informal. But it is always better to be on the safe side. You can never be too nice while you are at a wedding!

Don’t – Overshare Personal Information

While personal stories are encouraged, it’s important to be mindful of boundaries when it comes to sharing personal information. Avoid divulging intimate or embarrassing details that could make the couple or their families uncomfortable.

Don’t – Neglect to Thank the Hosts and Guests

Don’t forget to acknowledge and thank the hosts of the wedding, as well as the guests who have gathered to celebrate the couple’s special day. Express gratitude for the opportunity to speak and the warm hospitality extended to everyone. Being so honored to give a speech at a wedding is a privilege!

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