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Wedding Problem Solvers

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One thing many people look for in their wedding services is experience. After all, who would want a wedding DJ, photographer, or videographer to be someone who only works a handful of weddings a year? You want to know that you’re in good hands should something go wrong. Wedding problem solvers have experience and know what to do. The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is worry.

Wedding Problem Solvers

Complete’s staff of professional Florida wedding photographers, videographers, and DJs is full of highly experienced individuals who most likely work weddings weekly. This will help with your whole wedding process since they will be able to advise you on how the day of the wedding typically runs and so on. I can guarantee you having people around you the day of the wedding that are experts is extremely helpful as you’ll be able to let stress go and relax while you put your wedding in good hands.

Experience Brings Wisdom

This also means that all these services have seen everything there is to see at a wedding. Our staff understands exactly what to do in every situation, good or bad. Unfortunately, wedding days are not immune to the type of things that happen in life. Sometimes stuff happens on the day of your wedding that some may consider to be a disaster. Weddings have many variables added to them, just one thing going wrong could potentially ruin your wedding day.

Problem Scenarios

Even within the last couple of years our staff has seen things like a gas leak in a venue, a bride taken to the hospital temporarily the day of her wedding, and a catering company not showing up since they had the wrong date. These things are what bride’s nightmares are made of, and because of that, we’ve taken action to ensure our staff is trained for even these situations.

Gas Leak at Venue

In all three of the above-mentioned circumstances, our staff was able to jump into action and turn these mishaps into a great night for the bride and groom. When the gas leak happened, the DJ was ordered to get everyone outside until they get it cleared out. During this time, many guests left and once the venue was clear again there was essentially only the wedding party and immediate families of the bride and groom. However, the DJ was able to turn this into a positive experience, telling the wedding party that now they would get exactly the music THEY wanted and the party was now theirs to take over. The wedding party went with it and ended up having an AWESOME night!

Medical Emergency

The second instance is of a bride that was taken to the hospital for a couple hours in between her ceremony and reception. This pushed back the time that the bride and groom arrived at the reception hall, but guests had already arrived and had no idea what to do in the meantime. So, the DJ decided to come up with games for the guests that arrived early. He kept the guests entertained until the bride and groom showed up and was able to finish the night on a high note!

Caterer Had Wrong Date

Finally, the last circumstance happened when a caterer wrote the wrong date down for the wedding and hadn’t prepared any food and was unable to do so. Our staff got together with the venue’s staff and they decided to do things a little differently. The bride and groom would do all the post dinner activities before dinner started while the hall manager went to the store and picked up enough food for everyone at the wedding. Once all was said and done the night ended up going very smoothly and the bride and groom were ecstatic that they could have an amazing wedding despite a terrible mishap.

Problems Solved

The abilities to provide any bride and groom with an amazing wedding despite the circumstances is a luxury we’re able to provide because we have such highly experienced individuals on staff! Peace of mind in knowing that you’re going to be taken care of despite any situation that might arise is extremely valuable the day of your wedding. The LAST thing you’ll want to be doing is stressing about a mishap on your wedding day.

Complete weddings + events wants to provide you with that peace of mind.

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