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Best Engagement Photo Ideas in Fort Myers

The Best Engagement Photo Ideas in Fort Myers


The Best Engagement Photo Ideas in Fort Myers, FL…Engagement photos can be the very first time you and your fiancé have “posed” for a camera. And to have nerves about it is completely normal! Our photographers here at Complete Wedding + Events want to make sure you are comfortable and prepared for your engagement shoot. In this blog, we will talk about tips and tricks to getting the best engagement photos!

Best Engagement Photo Ideas in Fort Myers


The best engagement photo ideas list must start location! Location, location, location! There are many things to consider when deciding where to take your engagement photos. Choosing a spot that has significant menacing to you as a couple is always a plus. Maybe where you first met or had your first date. Maybe a favorite outdoor location like the beach. If you can’t decide, choosing a couple of locations is ok too.

Follow the Light

Shooting is best with soft golden lighting which means being ready in the evening for that golden hour before sunset. Also, be prepared to be flexible. If traveling for a session or with changing weather you can shoot the next day.

It’s just you two here, no one else.

This is the person you love more than anyone else in the world. Forget the photographer is there and just be in love. Usually, after the first few minutes, you’ll start to notice yourselves getting comfortable and just being in the moment. This is another reason why location can be so important, private spaces can lend to more intimate beautiful imagery.

That said, talk to each other. Tell each other about your day or recount a funny and romantic moment that you had together. Start with a joke. That is usually all it takes to crack the tension and give you the space to relax and just let the day unfold.

Make it an Adventure

As we said earlier choosing your location for your engagement is a key element to any great shoot. Sometimes, we have amazing scenic settings right our backyard, but if not, don’t be hesitant to turn your engagement session into an adventure. Hopping in the car and road-tripping it to neighboring towns that bring a little charm and a story to your photos.

Take the Time to Plan Your Attire

We always recommend asking your photographer for their insight on wardrobe ideas! For ladies soft, light fabric solids are always beautiful. Striking colors like reds and blue can also be stunning. Stay away from detailed patterns as they can take away from you and your surroundings. For the guys, dress accordingly to your fiancé. Casual pants and a sport coat can be a handsome first look or a nice button-down without the jacket can be great, then for your second look just step it up a bit – a nice tailored suit without the tie can be a perfect option. When you feel good in what you are wearing, natural confidence comes thru and the imagery is that much more lovely.

Flash the Bling

After getting the engagement ring, who doesn’t want to show it off a little!? Go ahead and flash that bling to the camera; it might just be the most fun thing about getting engaged! 🙂

Classic Portraits

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose! A great portrait is timeless. These photos show the true you and age well, so you can be sure to cherish these photos for years to come.


Go ahead and have some fun during your engagement photoshoot, you deserve it! Plus, your engagement photographer will probably capture some unique photographs that show you and your partner’s fun personality! 😉

The Proposal

Of course, you’d need to be sure to hire a photographer for the ACTUAL proposal to capture these in-action photos. If you or future fiancé can get a photographer booked for the moment you say “yes,” you won’t regret it!

We hope this blog on The Best Engagement Photo Ideas helped point you in the right direction when it comes to planning out your engagement shoot. Hopefully, now you are feeling a bit more prepared and less stressed! Truly have fun with your shoot, before you know you will be a happily married couple!

See more of our Complete Weddings + Events photography or contact us to schedule your engagement photo session. And when you are ready to start wedding planning our team at Complete is here to guild you along the way!

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