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😱 Wedding Food Was Laced With 🍀🍀


Bride caterer arrested after wedding guests say food was laced with marijuana.

Dania. Lenny, who was 42, and Jocelyn Bryant, who was 31, are accused of tampering with food that party guests claim was laced with marijuana.

And there are actually two separate stories here, and I’m going to read the next one, and then we’ll watch both videos. Maybe I’ll comment after one and then watch the other one. But this one says, a bride and her caterer in Seminole County.

Wedding Food Was Laced With 🍀🍀

A bride and her caterer in Seminole County have been accused of lacing wedding food served to guests with marijuana. According to arrest warrant affidavits, around 30 to 40 people were at the venue, and several complained of stomach pains and vomiting.


Authorities state that the bride and caterer have been charged with culpable. Negligent delivery of marijuana and violating Florida’s anti-tampering act, according to the outlet. So I am going to go to the first one that I read and check out that video.


Then we’ll go to obviously the next one. So this is what they look like. A new bride and her wedding caterer are facing charges. Accused of lacing the menu with marijuana. The guests started calling 911 saying they were drugged.


News Six’s Brian Didlake has the latest on the investigation in Seminole County. So I don’t smoke, never have. But that has to be really strong if you’re saying that you’re having abdominal pains and vomiting because normally it’s kind of the opposite, like they say that it is supposed to be, I guess, make you relaxed and get rid of these pains.


But I guess they had that good. Good. According to victim and witness statements, everything was going smoothly at their loved one’s wedding when one man started to feel rather funny. And when that man looked around, he found that other guests were feeling the same effects.


A few more guests there stated that they were receiving effects from the marijuana consumption. Seminole County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call in the Springs community this past February. Incident reports say about 50 guests were attending Danya Glenning’s wedding at the Gated community’s clubhouse.


One man calls 911. It was Danya. I said Danya. But danya. Glenning there you go. And calls 911 an hour after eating the food. I Dang. It took that long, bro. I thought it was supposed to kick in right away.


This is edible. I thought edibles, like, were like, not instant, but a lot quicker than smoking. At least. Again, I’ve heard it. I don’t know. Hurry. We’re just at the wedding, me and my girlfriend were talking, and I feel weird.


I feel like there’s some kind of drugs in me. When deputies arrived, reports say several people on scene were complaining of stomach pains and vomiting. One guest saying he felt, quote, high and stoned, and another guest telling police she believed the food was, quote, laced with marijuana.


Do you know what you took or what you ate? I ate the food that was here, and I drank a couple of glasses of white wine. Deputies say the food was prepared by this woman, Jocelyn Bryant. With Jocelyn’s southern Kitchen reports say pieces of bread and the lasagna tested positive for THC.


I attempted to contact Bryant through phone. We’re sorry. You have reached a number that has. Been disconnected or is no longer in service, but no one answered. Both Bryant and Glennie are being linked to the marijuana laced food through statements from victims, witnesses, and other caterers.


Now, Bryant and Glennie are both facing several charges, including tampering with food negligence and delivery of marijuana in Longwood. Brian did like getting results. News Six. All right, that was video number one.


Pretty much basic information. Just found out that it’s in Seminole County and that few people complained and what their charges are going to be. Nothing really sticks out. Nothing really goes into more details.


I want to find out details. I’m all about the details, and right now, it’s just they are charged with food tampering and delivery of marijuana and something else, and that her phone is disconnected, which is probably the smart thing to do.


So we will check out the next video. All right, here’s video number two. On the left side is the bride, on the right side is the caterer. And they’re in their yellow. Either they’re county outfits or they have the same designer.


Poor terrible joke. Don’t even give me a rim shot. It just deserves a bump, bump, bump. See if I can do it here, let me see. Let me give it to me. I got it on my joint, which is just as terrible as just as terrible as the joke.


All right, let’s roll it. Hello, and thanks for joining us this Earth Day. I’m Mary Kelby in for Deborah on. Earth Day served marijuana. You can’t plan that out. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding until the 911 call started coming in from guests saying they felt strange.


Then the bride ended up under arrest along with her caterer, both accused of spiking the wedding dinner with pot. Jim Ray reports. Wedding guests cheer as the bride makes a stunning walk down the aisle.


The bride is radiant. They got the Connect Four in the. Background in her beautiful lace gown. The dashing room looks as happy as any man can be because he’s high. The lovebird literally tie the knot.


And their pronounced husband. What is that blur right there? Why are they blurring that out, like, right in the middle there? Is she too revealing? I don’t understand. Like, if you look at this part here, I’m going to turn the audio down, and when she turns, you’ll see that right in there.


It’s just they’re blurring something out. Like, what are they blurring out so strange? What could be there? I mean, I know it’s there, but I took anatomy. It was a long time ago. Where the things that should be blurred out typically are located, and that’s not usually in the middle.


That’s all I’m going to say. I’m not going to get myself in trouble. Literally tie the knot. And their pronounced husband and wife with a romantic kiss. It appeared to be a picture perfect wedding until guests say they began feeling woozy and drugged out.


After dinner at the reception in Longwood, Florida, cops now say their meal was laced with marijuana. I feel weird. I feel like there’s some kind of drugs in me. Panic wedding guests started calling 9112, had to be hospitalized.


One guy was found wandering and asked police for help. What would you suggest I do? Well, I would not drive in your condition. Then cops started questioning the newlyweds. Just look at that grin plastered on bride Danis Vibota’s face.


Not saying that she’s guilty, but that journalist does kind of make a point. She has. Maybe because she’s high, though she ate the food, too. You what? Maybe it’s not that she hasn’t done anything nefarious.


Maybe she is just a little woozy from eating the food that everybody else ate. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. She doesn’t have to be guilty. She could just be stoned. Just look at that grin plastered on bride Danis Faboda’s face.


Apparently. Supposedly, your food had cannabis inside of it when your guests eat it. Did you guys authorize that? I have no idea. Did you guys authorize it for the catering company to have cannabis placed in the food, edibles, whatever the case may be?


No, sir. All the while, the bride looks on, still grinning. Cops also question the caterers. You guys would catering? Yeah, we’re just putting stuff away. Yeah, don’t put anything away yet. I spoke to wedding guest Miranda Katie.


You confronted the bride at the wedding? I absolutely did. I asked her. I’m like, did you put marijuana in the olive oil? And the answer to huh? He was an absolute yes with enthusiasm. As if. It was something I should be grateful for and happy about.


Yeah, dude, you can’t just do that. If you did this, that’s irresponsible. First, you don’t know what people’s tolerance level is. Like I said, I don’t smoke, so if I would have I like olive oil. So if I got some olive oil and bread, whatever, I don’t know what you call that.


Bread and olive oil. What is that called? I don’t know. Olive oil and bread. But if I would have put olive oil on my salad or anything like that, I’m like, oh, this is some good olive oil. Let me just keep on piling it on.


And then next thing you know, I’m toe up, like, you don’t know what’s in there. That’s irresponsible. And I would be even more upset because there’s a reason why I haven’t taken any drugs. And I don’t want you to decide when I win or if I do.


If you decided to do that. I don’t know if you did. I’m not saying that you did. I’m just saying, Danya, that if you did that, that is completely irresponsible and shame on you. She says she feels betrayed.


If you can do this kind of action once, what else are you going to do? I don’t feel safe and comfortable having people like this in my social circle. Agreed. I mean, if hey, it’s only marijuana. Hey, it’s only mushrooms.


Hey, it’s only heroin. Hey, it’s only I don’t know whatever else is what’s higher than heroin? I don’t know. Fentanyl. You can’t make that decision for me by Tyler. Oh, it’s only weed. It comes from the earth.


So do mushrooms and whatever. No. If you did this again, shame on you. Police collected food as evidence. Investigators say the police ate food as evidence. Just test my blood. Food as evidence. Investigators say the lasagna and bread tested positive for THC.


As for that lovely red headed bride, she’s under arrest, still grinning, this time posing for her mugshot. And look who else was arrested. The wedding’s caterer, Jocelyn Bryant, who police say was in cahoots with the mischievous.


Bride. Both were charged with culpable negligence and food tampering. In 2015, the Bry was profiled in a business magazine celebrating entrepreneurs under 40 for her company that helped women move ahead in business.


I guess that’s the end of that story. I like the way they just ended it. She was doing good stuff until she laced everybody’s stuff with Mary and Joanna. And then now she’s in jail for culpable negligence and food tampering.


Now, I am going to do a quick little search here. Five minutes later, I am going to do this and read what it says. Anti Tampering Act definitions as used in this section, a consumer product includes food, including chewing gum, interesting to drug, which means any agent or product recognized in the official United States, pharmaceutical, official homeopathic pharmacopia of the United States, or official national drug device, which means an instrument.


Okay, so just to make sure that we’re on the same page, I’m not going to go through the whole thing. Oh, thank God. Okay, here we go. Here are the penalties. Whomever with reckless disregard for the risk that another person will be placed in danger or death or bodily injury, tampers with or conspires or attempts to tamper with any consumer product or labeling of or container of any such product is guilty of a felony of the first degree.


They were charged with the Florida Anti Tampering Act, where they had food and drug and an agent, which is the device. And then. Allegedly, they with reckless regard for the risk that another person will be placed in danger of death or bodily injury, tampers with or conspires or attempts to tamper with any consumer product or the labeling of or container of any such product.


So they, I guess, allegedly tampered with the consumer product, the actual food. So now I want to see what this statute talking about. Punishable, as provided in these so punishable. Wow. Holy moly. Okay, except as provided in paragraph B, a person who has been convicted of a capital felony.


Okay, so it’s not a capital felony. I’m like, oh, my gosh, that’s crazy. Unless I’m reading this wrong and somebody helped me out in the comments here, and I apologize for this video taking a long time, but I’m trying to understand what they could possibly be charged with and what their sentencing could possibly be.


Number two, which seems like the only thing that applies. But I’ll continue reading. A person who did not actually kill, intend to kill or attempt to kill the victim and who is convicted under eight seven 2.4 a capital felony.


Capital felony. Okay, here we go. A person who is convicted of any other designated felony may be punished as follows for a felony of the first degree by a term of imprisonment not exceeding 30 years or when specifically provided by statute.


So I’ve been going through the sentencing, I guess, requirements, and I’m confused, so if there’s any lawyers watching this, let me know because I’m really confused and I want to make sure that I understand.


I don’t plan plan on lacing anybody’s food with marijuana. Oh, okay. But I guess I’m curious, and I would want to find out if I’m close to being correct. There doesn’t appear to be a minimum listed here, so I don’t know if that just.


Means that it’s the judge’s discretion or if there is a minimum or a statute that has already set precedent. So if there are any lawyers or anyone, any keyboard warriors out there that are able to find this information, please let me know.


But what I’m showing, it says under this whole long thing, that first and foremost, this is a first degree felony. So anti tampering or felony tampering is a first degree felony. And it says for a felony of the first degree by a term of imprisonment of 30 years.


And there’s something else that I read that says up to 30 years. So does that mean that it’s a possibility that both the caterer and the bride could face 30 years in prison? That’s question number one.


Question number two, is it per person? So let’s say I think they said there was 50 people at the wedding. So does that mean that they could get felony counts for each person? Which means that we’re looking at a total of 1500 years damn.


In prison with 50 people. So 50 counts of first degree tampering. And I don’t know if it’s a mandatory 30 year sentence or what, but it could be 1500 years, which obviously means life in prison over serving marijuana at a wedding reception without anybody knowing it.


Second part is pretty small, which kind of is weird to me. It says, when convicted of a felony of the first or second degree, there is also a fine or a payment of $10,000, which doesn’t make any sense.


A person who is convicted of an offense other than capital felony may be sentenced to pay a fine in addition to any punishment. When specifically authorized by statute, he or she may be sentenced to pay.


In lieu of any punishment described in 7750 82, a person who is convicted of a non criminal violation may be sentenced to pay a fine, fines for designated crimes and for non criminal violations shall not exceed $15,000.


For when a conviction of a life felony, 10,000 for a first or second degree felony, 5000 for third degree felony, and then 1000 for first degree misdemeanor. And 500 for misdemeanor of the second degree or non criminal violation.


So that was just kind of small potatoes, I guess. If you’re convicted of a life felony and they charge you $15,000, good luck collecting that. I don’t know what that actually means. That’s kind of silly to me.


But I just wanted to share that. I wanted to cap off my evening with something that I have never seen before. And that would be a caterer and a bride being arrested for allegedly lacing food served to wedding guests with marijuana.


So I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that before, but my thoughts are, how dare you? You can’t make that decision for me. That would be no different than someone who, for religious reasons, doesn’t want to eat a specific animal.


If you don’t eat pork and then you decide to grind up some ground, whatever, ground pork, I don’t know if that’s such thing, but a ground pork with your ground beef and make a hamburger out of it and then later be like, ha ha, told you pork is okay because you ate it, just don’t do that.


So if they did it like I said, shame on them. Time will tell what happens with this bride and with the caterer. Very interesting story and a good way to end my night.

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