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Things That Will Make Your Wedding Guests Grumpy


No doubt you’ve spent hours on your guest list and all that goes with it. You’ve even carefully selected a beautiful invitation suite and menu to be sure that your guests enjoy celebrating your perfect day as much as you do. But there are some unexpected things that can make their experience as a guest less than enjoyable. Let’s talk about six things that will make your wedding guests grumpy and how to avoid them!


Not giving them any facetime on the day of

Your wedding guests are exactly that, GUESTS; they took time out of their schedule to come and celebrate this special day with you so it’s understandable that they’d want to at least get a few minutes to congratulate you personally, dance with you, etc. Some ways you can ensure your guests get time with you is by keeping the guest list smaller and having a well-formulated day of timeline. This will make sure you’re not so rushed through the day that you don’t have a minute to stop and talk.


Too much theatrics and not enough dancing time

Over the years I’ve heard many toasts and one thing I’ve noticed is that after a few minutes, even a good speech can start to make guests antsy. Pick a select few ahead of the wedding day to give toasts and let them know they have a limited amount of mic time. Guests who are stuck in their chairs too long may get a bit restless. Limit any special performances or games and strike a nice balance of entertaining, but still giving your guests plenty of time to dance and mingle. They may feel rude if they have to get up to use the restroom or go to the bar during a toast, so allow some breathing room.



Dinner being served late

If you’re at all like me, I probably don’t have to explain to you what being hangry is like. Don’t let your guests get hangry! You are off to a good start if you’ve provided them with appetizers during cocktail hour, but finger foods don’t quite compare to a solid meal! Work with your planner or photographer to build a day of timeline that factors in all the parts of your wedding day, including dinner. You’ll want to account for enough time for each piece and give yourself a little wiggle room in case something runs a few minutes behind (wedding days are sometimes unpredictable!).  Additionally, talk to your caterer to ensure that the meal is ready to go on time so that your guests can enjoy a warm meal!


By factoring in these six things, you’ll be sure to create an unforgettable (in a good way) experience for your wedding guests and ensure they’re enjoying it as much as you are! Did you think of any other ways to help guests enjoy the day more? I’d love to hear about it! Share your thoughts in the comments!






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