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Pregnant Woman Crashes Wedding Ceremony


I’m checking out a video today of what appears to be someone crashing a wedding, but not just anybody crashing the wedding.

It looks like the pregnant ex -girlfriend of the groom is coming to crash the wedding and it looks like some fisticuffs happen and some altercations and some furniture got moved and all of that. Since we do everything weddings here at Complete Media, I decided I wanted to go ahead and check out this video of a pregnant woman who crashes a wedding ceremony.

Pregnant Woman Crashes Wedding Ceremony

As I said in my prior videos, I do not condone any violence. This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only. A pregnant lady crashes her ex-boyfriend’s wedding and a lady attacks a pregnant woman. I don’t know if that’s the daughter of the bride or the daughter of the groom who attacks the pregnant lady.

Not sure. It’s a short. So it’s going to be short. But I still want to see the video. We do all things weddings here. Let’s go ahead and run it. Will you perform to her all the respect?

With a husband also died by death shall separate you. So the camera. You take this man to be your wedded husband. Said husband right this time. So it sounded like he said, you “earnestly” do “ornestly”. That’s what we’re going to see right here.

You earnestly come before God and these witnesses. He said, do you earnestly do “ornestly” that you would love her? Love him, love him company. Honor and obey him. Really, Anthony? You got you got like you don’t know me. Wait, you didn’t take your safe man today.

And you got all of them. What I got your baby here. What all this. You hear me? You better get out of my mama. Why are you going with you? What if I was with you? You should just do it. What if I was with her?

Crazy. Man, I mean, yeah, girl, girl was not having that. I think that we should completely remove the part where they ask if anyone finds reason why this man and this woman should not be joined together in holy matrimony, that should be completely removed.

And the reason why I say that is because of things like this. Crap, like this happens. And then what are you going to do? You spend all this money, all this time, all this energy, all this stress on your mind and your body to put together one day.

And then you allow somebody to blow it up. No, man, no, you ain’t blowing up nothing for me. That should be completely removed. And obviously it was removed in here, but old girl still wasn’t having it. She comes in like, really, Anthony?

I’m going to go ahead and ruin your wedding day. And the daughter did what the daughter is supposed to do. I don’t know why they held her back. They should have just let her go and straight attack. Well, oops. I’m sorry.

I don’t I don’t condone violence, as I said before. What I meant to say was they should have allowed the daughter to calmly and peacefully escort this misguided lady away from the event that she was clearly not invited to.

That’s what they should have done. But instead they asked her to please just stay right here. Don’t go anywhere. But of course she did anyway, because that’s her mama. And that’s what daughters are going to do.

I appreciate the channel tone from YouTube for sharing this video. I do not appreciate that lady coming and trying to ruin her boys wedding day. Hopefully the rest of the day went on without a hitch. Hopefully the wedding ceremony continued on and they got married and they remain Happily Ever After.

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