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How To Share Your Wedding Photos With All Of Your Guests


Photographs of the Big Day is all everyone wants to see.  Everyone is excited to see how they rocked their fancy dresses alongside the newlyweds.  So, there is a constant number of requests to the newlywed couple for the distribution of photographs that were taken that day.

However, the old-fashioned method of sharing photos is time-consuming and tedious.  And for a newly married couple, there are a lot of other important things that they could do instead of waiting for the photographers to provide them with the photographs so that they could then share them with everybody on the guest list.

Here are some reliable yet easy ways to share these little moments of joy with all your guests which will take least of your time.

How To Share Your Wedding Photos With All Of Your Guests

Social Media

  How to share your wedding photos with all of your guests FacebookSocial Media

Everyone is on social media these days. One of the best ways to share photographs is through social media. This could be done in several ways. Firstly, a Facebook group with all the guests could be made. And then all the photos could be posted there. This would also give you access to all the photos the guests took as they would also be uploading there. For Instagram, you could simply initiate a hashtag some days before the wedding. All the photographs that would be uploaded would then correspond to the hashtag. Making them accessible just at a touch.

Online Photo galleries

Several apps allow you to upload photos and make them accessible to people. it works like cloud storage accessible to a greater number of people. This is done by providing people with a link that redirects them to an online gallery that contains all the photos. This technique is also used by photographers. They give the couple the link so that they can finalize the pictures they want. Once everything is done, the link could be shared with friends and family as well.

File sharing platforms

File sharing platforms

File sharing platforms also are an option especially if you want to access photos on different devices across different platforms.  All of these include features of making folders and subfolders. Some of them also allow you to grant access to only a specific number of people as well. All of this comes in handy when you have a large wedding as you could divide the photos into the events and days.

A number of these platforms include google drive, dropbox, and Microsoft one drive.  All others follow a link sharing model where the link is used to access the folders except Microsoft one drive. Microsoft follows the invite model. This means that only those who are invited would be able to access the folders.  This maintains privacy and reduces the risk of the link falling out in the wrong hands.  My favorite right now is WeTransfer.com.  They allow you to send large files but also allow you to store them in a downloadable link.


The traditional way of distributing photos is to hand out prints. You could ask your photographers to make prints for the photos you selected and then using a professional photo organizer those could be organized and circulated amongst friends and family. Relatives who like certain photographs could ask the photographer to make a copy for them as well.

Disposable cameras

Disposable cameras

Here is a bonus tip at the end. This is an inspiration from the famous T.V show FRIENDS.

This old but an effective way to delay the immediate request of photographs you receive from the guests. Alongside a professional photographer, you could place a disposable camera at every table and allow the guests to take photos for themselves. These guests could then take the cameras and get them done as they like.

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