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First Look Wedding Photography Ideas


The happy tears, old school romance, elevated emotions, and locked eyes, what can be more heart-throbbing than a first look on your big day. It is the most intimate and emotional moment of the whole wedding. It is the time when the bride shares special moments with parents, siblings, bridesmaids, and the better half before the wedding officially takes place. A wedding is one of the most special days of one’s life, and every moment of it should be captured well, be it the first look.

While most of the wedding photographers recommend having the first look photography with the better half, it’s critical to be a little art to recreate a similar experience with people who matter the most. Make sure you consider first look wedding photography with your dad, bridesmaids, hugging mom, the three generations too.

First Look Wedding Photography Ideas

First looks with mom & dad 

I’d say they are the most special people in your life. Sharing the first look with those whom you love the most is priceless. It surely is the biggest highlight of the day. I know every single moment on your Big Day is special, but the big hug the bride receives from her mom or dad holding her hands and showering with all the blessing and prayers must be captured. After all, they got the first glimpse of their girl dolled up in the wedding dress.

Document the first look with siblings 

Siblings are the people who have been with you throughout the significant milestones, make sure to share and capture the first look with them. Brothers often get too emotional as they see their sister for the first time in the wedding dress.

The three generations

Sharing the first look with your mom, and the grandmother holding hands in one frame send an emotional tone. Capturing the three-generation in one frame puts your family at the center of your Big Day. These beautiful memories will stay in your hearts forever.

First look using a blindfold

It is great for those couples who do not want to see each other before the actual wedding ceremony kicks off. But they are still able to talk beforehand, and it gives some special moments of togetherness before the ceremony.

First look using balloons

On your Big Day, balloons are the event staple that brings festivity and joy. They create an incredible effect when you dress them up for capturing the first look. Nowadays, way too many couples embrace balloons and you can do the same.

First look with bridesmaids

These photos are special because they involve people you’ve been with since childhood. Friends with whom you shared tears, joys, highs, and lows.  The majority of your friends have never seen you in the wedding dress, and capturing those will result in a priceless photo.

First look at an open field

If the couple loves to stay closer to nature, take a step further to capture the first look, emotions, and special moments in an open field. The rolling hills and veil-catching wind will make the moment even more magical.

It’s your day, and you have the creative freedom to choose the traditional wedding or follow modern trends. Over the years first look photography of royal families, celebrities and influencers have made a sensation in the media. I personally find it a very beautiful and heart-touching part of the whole wedding ceremony. The first look adds an extra charm to the storyline of photos and videos of the wedding that you’ll cherish for life.

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