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Bailey & Zach’s Wedding Revisited


Their Story

Zach and Bailey met about five years ago through a mutual friend of theirs. From our first date, they instantly clicked. Getting to know each other was so natural.  They connected like they had known each other for their whole lives.  Life got in the way for them for a few years, but they always remained friends throughout that time.  Fast forward to January 2018, they saw each other at a wedding.

Hanging out that night was like they had never been apart.  Zach kept referring to her as “the one that got away.” They immediately started dating and have been together ever since. When Zach decided to propose he took months to carefully research the “perfect” ring and way to execute his proposal. Anyone that knows Zach knows that he gets very excited about giving gifts and cannot keep a surprise to himself for long.

(Bailey gets half of my Christmas presents well before because of this haha.) He held on to the ring for weeks until finally he found his opportunity and couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. March 2019 They took a trip to Gatlinburg where he surprised Bailey with the most gorgeous ring she had ever seen. He asked her if she was ready, bent down on one knee, told her he wanted to make sure she never got away again, and it was the easiest question she had ever been asked. “Yes!”

Bailey & Zach’s Wedding Revisited

Wedding Day

Baily and Zach chose The Newport Beachside Resort and Spa as the location for their nuptials.  On February 22, 2020, they said their “I DOs” in Sunny Miami.  South Florida was perfect for them because they got to bring their friends and family on for their destination wedding.

Bailey & Zach’s Wedding Party

Teania                                      Keith                                        Lisa

Mother of the Bride               Father of the Bride               Step-Mother of the Bride


Mother of the Groom

Haley                                                   Jeremy

Matron of Honor                              Best Man

Chelsea                                               Ujjaval

Bridesmaid                                        Groomsman

Marian                                                Adam

Bridesmaid                                        Groomsman

Cristina                                                Scotty

Bridesmaid                                         Groomsman

Tiffany                                                  Ian

Bridesmaid                                         Groomsman

Hannah                                               William

Bridesmaid                                         Groomsman

Erin                                                      Tom

Bridesmaid                                        Groomsman

Sarah                                                   Joseph

Bridesmaid                                         Groomsman

Avery                                                    Camden

Flower Girl                                          Ring Bearer

What other couples are saying about the Newport

“My wedding was held at the Newport Beachside Resort, last Saturday!
My husband and I chose to spend our honeymoon there, as well…. And let me just say, we are SO glad we did!!!!
The service was excellent. =)
Firstly, our “Bellhop” went above and beyond – out of his way- to assist us…. I think his name was Tee Jay…. He recommended fun things for my husband and I to do in town, he told us where everything was, informed us of specials the hotel was having…. He was great!
Then, there was Michelle, the front office Director! She was SOOOO nice. I’m so happy to have met her! I hope to see her again, next time we visit.
Catering/event people were AWESOME!
Vladimir was on point. =)
If I needed anything, they had it covered (within minutes).
Anywho, I had a wonderful experience…. I really did…. =)”                                    ~ Bella

“Everything went as planned, the ballroom was beautiful, the food was delicious, the waitstaff was attentive. We had our wedding in the Atlantis ballroom, it was a very spacious ballroom with a view of the beach. We were also able to take all of our wedding pictures at the beach and the pier. The hotel offered a package that includes the photographer, Dj, and florist for an additional cost but it made it so much easier than looking through thousands of vendors. The waitstaff was great and the bartender was quick. All of the guests had a great time and we couldn’t have been happier with how our wedding turned out.”                                                      ~ Brittani

“Recently attended a wedding here and I just had to write a review on the amazing service. The wedding itself was filled with loving people but the staff here was by far more than expected. They tended to every need of all the guests. During the entire wedding, they made it a seamless ceremony. I am truly considering this venue for my future wedding. The wedding was extravagant yet very affordable. They were even able to incorporate wedding sparklers in the Grand wedding Exit on the beach!! I was told they got the sparklers from I will definitely look into that. The wedding was an overall enchanting event!!!!”           ~ Richard

“We had the BEST WEDDING EVER!!!! Barry Rubin, the Catering Director worked with us and was AMAZING! He was extremely responsive and would get back to us immediately or usually in less than two hours. The Newport also provides a vendor package with unbeatable value. They have connections that give you discounted rates for DJs, flowers, photography, videography, and wedding coordinating. We saved thousands of dollars and had an unbelievably beautiful wedding. Miami can be a rude and expensive place to get married in, but the service at the Newport was so kind and reasonably priced! Have your wedding here! You will not regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”                        ~ Anne

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