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Angelique and Thierry’s Live Streamed wedding on 5-9-21


Angelique and Thierry Wedding

Special message to our virtual guests

To our cherished friends and families that were unable to celebrate with us in person today: Thank you for being part of our special day as we take our vows to share our lives together. and I’m so very sorry that you are all gonna miss out on the absolutely amazing food we are going to have.

How we met

Thierry and I met on the evening of February 9, 2019, after I decided to tap into my Latin roots and learn to salsa dance. I made a friend at a dance class who invited me to a game night where I met the love of my life. He decided to join salsa dancing lessons as well to get to know me and Our relationship quickly developed after spending over 4 hours talking outside on the curb after class one evening.

Our First Date

Thierry and I went on our first date on March 9, 2019, he treated me to a wonderful evening of sushi and rolled ice cream before asking me to be his girlfriend at lake Baldwin. We spent the remainder of the evening dancing the night away on the lakeside gazebo.

The engagement

The engagement happened on December 21st, 2020; that morning Thierry woke up in a nervous storm of thoughts, and Angie was having her typical Monday morning. The ring having been picked up a few weeks back, the plan was to have the proposal day match the ring; the conjunction ring as it came to be known for that day, how come? well, Jupiter was to conjunct with Saturn at about 0 degrees, the closest it’s ever been since middle age, and Thierry being an engineer and passionate about the relationship we all share with space; was not going to miss this opportunity to have the perfect engagement.

And so it went, Thierry was attempting to make it a surprise, and yet his choice of location would later hunt him and play in his favor at the same time. On the other side Angie was getting ready to head to her mom’s salon; sidenote: (her mom was in on the surprise as well), so the pretext for her to be there during non-operating hours, was to have her assist with some salon business. Now here is the plan, Thierry was going to propose at Baldwin Park where he asked her out, not thinking she would notice (an amateur move at best), and planned on taking her to Cloak and Blasters (the place they first met) to celebrate. Well, what do you know about perfection in this world? it just doesn’t happen, the day will go the way it will go.

Bump numero uno, Angie was at the salon in the mindset of getting work done, as she was anticipating to go spend the evening at Christian and Lisa’s house with Thierry to watch a movie. so she was getting frustrated at the fact that her mom decided to not do any work, but rather wanted to have her hair done and do Angie’s; She texted Thierry in anger and the time being wasted at the salon and how she’s just so over it all, and wanted to go home and take a shower, which by the way Thierry’s earlier attempt in the morning at highly suggesting that she showers failed miserably, as Angie was not going to do what’s not in her plans to do.

Meanwhile, back home, Thierry was getting ready to go pick Angie up, after hearing much distress from what started to sound like the beginning of a dead-end to the proposal. Unfortunately, by the time he arrived at the Salon in shorts and a shirt (as to not give away there’s anything happening) Angie was already livid, and in distress.

After much back and forth the Idea of Baldwin park was Squash, with a sudden “I don’t want to be proposed to today, at least not in the way I am, I feel ugly and dirty”. For a Moment Thierry thought to himself, “I’m absolutely freaking annoyed, I don’t even want to propose anymore, is it even worth it that my girlfriend can’t even be spontaneous…today of all day?” [bzzz..bzzz…bzzzz] the phone vibrates and it’s Demi, Angie’s mom, with determination in her voice she tells me: “take her home to shower and prep to bring her to Cloak and Blasters, the proposal is on! I’ll do what I can on my end. with a feeling of relief Thierry says, “yeah that’s a really good idea thank you” not sounding excited so that Angie would not notice.

Once Angie was refreshed and ready to head out, Thierry had schemed on how he would get to Cloak without being suspicious. Knowing that Angie was hungry for Cauliflower bites, which the Cloak happens to have, Thierry took Angie there. Now, let’s get this straight, it’s Monday, meaning Cloak is not open. Thierry pulls up to the front parking and says “let’s go check it out” to which Angie responds “but Cloak isn’t open on monday”, and then he replied “I don’t know, there seem to be people in there” pointing the the moving silhouette and light through the frosted glass doors, Thierry opens the door and said “see it’s open! come on we gonna get the Cauliflower bites”, Angie looking a little perplexed walk right behind Thierry, and there it was waiting, all of her and Thierry’s close friend and family, lined up with a group of sign that reads, {Will You Make Me Crazy Again} (fitting for how the day went for) Demi in the background with a big sign {Say Yes}, Thierry Turns around and drop on one knee,  Angie in her embarrassment turns around as if this was all too overwhelming for her, Thierry grabs her hand with the biggest smile and say “Will you marry me Angelique?” then she nodded yes in excitement! Thierry gets off his knee raising to give her a hug; the rest was a sweet celebration.

The meaning behind our wedding date

Since Thierry and I met on Feb 9 and started dating on March 9, we have always celebrated the 9th of each month as a special date night. We picked May 9th because it was mother’s day and we thought it was only fitting to celebrate with the combination of our families as we both get a new mom.

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